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The Iconic IT Story 
Providing Technology Services that Protect and Improve Organizations


Each one was great, even Best-in-Class, on its own.

The six owners of these companies first crossed paths during an HTG/Evolve peer group meeting in 2015. They remained supportive of each other, staying in touch with regular meetings and in-person visits, while sharing best practices and working together to standardize the delivery of IT services. 

  • A great work culture makes great employees, which makes great customer experience.
  • MSPs should be about customers, not tools and tech.
  • Sharing the same core values:
    – Give of Ourselves
    – Unify with Teamwork
    – Improve
    – Delight
    – Efficient
  • IT services should be about giving customers what they need when they need it.

One thing each of the four companies came to understand was that four smaller companies will get lost in the landscape of larger MSPs. How can they stay competitive in a world of larger, impersonal IT services providers while continuing to focus on small to medium-sized businesses? 

And then it hit them.

Alone, we are limited in our ability to grow and continue to give people the IT solutions they need. We are .”

And so began a journey to unite these four companies to form Iconic IT. Iconic IT was created with one mission in mind: Combine forces to create a great company, with strong values, dedicated people, and loyal, satisfied customers. 

Iconic IT - Service with a Heart

It wasn’t hard for the four companies to join forces. They already had developed a friendship between them spanning five years. Each company had its own strengths and specialties. Together, they would be able to bring excellent customer experiences to their clients with one mission:

IT services with a heart.

Our idea of IT services with a heart is new in the industry. IT providers have historically been focused on technology more than the people they are serving. Iconic IT is changing that. Our employees love what they do, and they love to serve people. This gives us an advantage over bigger, impersonal companies. At Iconic IT, we believe that IT services should focus on people, not just tech.

We care. We listen. We get the job done. We are only happy when our clients are happy.

Iconic IT. Not only have we combined the greatest minds in IT with an extended geographical reach, deeper pools of talent, and Best-in-Class services, we bring you IT services with a heart. 

Iconic IT Help Desk

Better Together

By merging four of the top-rated IT firms in the country, Iconic IT can leverage third-party vendors to provide you with the best services, tools and technology at prices below what our competition can offer.

When you hire Iconic IT, you’re not just hiring a single IT support company. You’re hiring a combination of award-winning IT companies that have come together to share best practices and bestinbreed products and documentation. We have merged a wide library of technological knowledge and years of experience in the technology world. Having so many high-end support techs on staff gives us the resources to handle the complex issues if they should arise. 

Our Icons Have Talent, Ambition & Desire

Instead of having a couple of technicians with a few years of technical knowledge and experience, we have expanded our expertise to include professionals across all departments. If we run into a large problem or complex issue, we have a huge resource pool of techs that have most likely seen the problem before and can resolve it quickly. 

We’ve taken the best of the best products and processes and come up with the Iconic way. We’ve standardized our onboarding processes and the product solutions we deliver. Our staff is uniformly trained to support our cutting-edge products, allowing us to ensure that you have the best client experience when dealing with IT-related issues.

Iconic IT’s Proven Process Keeps Your Best Interest in Mind

1. Imagine – Iconic IT listens to you and identifies your problems, designs a solution, and creates a roadmap for your success.
2. Build – Execute and Implement the technologies to make your business better.
3. Delight – Deliver awesome customer service, ensure that your business is protected and secure, and that your systems are always up and running.

Iconic IT’s success is fueled by customer satisfaction, trust and fantastic customer experiences. We have a deep pool of talent for providing the best, most comprehensive IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses just like yours. We love what we do, and we do it well.

Iconic IT’s Vision and Promise to You

We plan on being around for a long time and becoming a household name in our industry. Iconic IT will continue to grow, bringing even more IT firms into our family and bringing you even more resources and better services. Through it all, we will continue to embrace our communities and provide you with the personalized services that set us apart from any other MSP. 

We will keep bringing superior customer service experiences to small and medium-sized businesses, just like yours. We now have the deepest pool of talent and resources at our command, ready to give you exceptional, timely services. We will continue to give you what you need, when you need it. We don’t oversell, we don’t underdeliver, and we will always follow through on our promises to you.


Iconic IT Service Technician

1Dedicated Tech Teams: Iconic IT provides all our clients with a dedicated tech team. No more revolving door techs, just a dedicated team of professionals who understand your unique IT needs.

2No Long-Term Contracts: We don’t want to hold you hostage in a plan that doesn’t fit your needs. In fact, you can cancel services within 90 days for a full refund, or even cancel after 90 days with no penalty.

3National Reach, Local Feel: No matter how much we have grown, we keep our community-focused, friendly feel. We’re not just part of your business, we are part of your neighborhoods and communities.


Mike Fowler

CEO Iconic IT (Formerly Co-CEO of Capstone IT, Rochester)

Mike Fowler is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history in the Information Technology and Services industries. His strong business development skills stem from his degrees in Production Management and Management Science from the University of Maryland College Park. – – READ MORE – ->

Nick Nyberg

VP of Sales (Formerly Co-Founder of Live Consulting, Denver)

Nick Nyberg attributes his career of consulting to strong mentors, leaders, and partners who helped him grow into entrepreneurial leadership. With longtime business partner Tony Miller, they worked for more than a decade helping SMBs achieve their goals by implementing technology to streamline business processes. – – READ MORE – ->

Jeff Howard

VP of Human Resources (Formerly Founder of Networking Results, DFW)

Jeff Howard founded Networking Results in 2002 to bring the same level of technology that large organizations enjoy to small and medium businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him to connect people to each other, and to the solutions that help them make the most of their lives. – – READ MORE – ->

Chris Hoose

VP of Finance (Formerly CEO of Choose Networks, Wichita)

Chris Hoose, the 2018 Technology Marketing Toolkit Spokesperson, has been an entrepreneur his entire life. From humble beginnings selling greeting cards from the back of a comic book aged 10 to purchasing a Tropical Sno franchise at age 16 to founding Choose Networks at age 30, he has spent his professional career in Information Technology. – – READ MORE – ->

Tony Miller

General Manager of Iconic IT Denver and VP of Operations (Formerly Co-Founder of Live Consutling)

With a degree in Psychology from Colorado State University, Tony Miller noticed early in his career that small and medium businesses needed a team of people to help—not just “The IT Guy.” With long-time business partner Nick Nyberg, he created LIVE Consulting to fill that marketplace void. – – READ MORE – ->

Sitima Fowler

VP of Marketing (Formerly Co-CEO of Capstone IT, Rochester)

Sitima Fowler emigrated from India with her parents when she was in the sixth grade. Her family struggled in their early years in the United States; their lifestyle lit a fire in Sitima that was and remains her driving force to succeed and become an entrepreneur. – – READ MORE – ->

Iconic IT Service with a Heart

IT services with a heart.

That’s not only a promise from our company to yours,
that’s the Iconic way.


Iconic IT’s founding companies originated in New York, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas

Capstone IT

Rochester/Buffalo, NY

Capstone IT has as a heavy focus on people, both employees and customers alike. They have employees who love to help people. Capstone IT believes that hard work and caring people are the keys to success. Capstone IT is a thought-leader in the industry, often sending their professionals to events as keynote speakers on every aspect of the IT experience.

Choose Networks

Wichita, KS

Choose has a culture of caring, with core values adopted inside and outside of the organization. They have experience in the aircraft industry and its unique regulations, along with a strong healthcare focus.

Live Consulting

Denver, CO

Live Consulting has proven processes that work for their clients. Live Consulting prides itself on having the best people doing the jobs they are best at, in other words, “the right people in the right seat.” Their focus is on delivering friendly, reliable services to professionals and general businesses.

Networking Results

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Strong customer service and support teams set Networking Results apart from the rest. Networking Results introduced a new concept to the industry: a “Client Experience Manager” to coach and train employees on techniques to strengthen the customer experience. They have specific teams for specific functions, such as project management and support services. Networking Results is strong in both efficiency and productivity.