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Reopening Business: Challenges We All Will Face

The hinges make a squeaky protest as you open them; after all, you haven’t unlocked that door in months. You are excited to be reopening, but you’re also apprehensive: what has changed? What new strategies or solutions will I need to succeed? Is my network as ready to get back to work as I am?  I already know that when I’m reopening business, challenges are just on the other side of that door. Am I really ready? 

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stress Blog

Are You Using Unhealthy Distractions to Relieve Your Stress?

During this time of increased anxiety due to Covid-19, many people are finding they are using more distractions to make […]

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billing Blog

Your Iconic IT Billing, Invoices, and Master Service Agreement Explained

At Iconic IT, we believe in predictable, upfront billing and service level agreements that are clear and easy to understand. […]

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IT Managed IT Services

7 Reasons Why IT Outsourcing Services are Perfect for Your IT Department

Iconic IT understands that you “have an IT guy” or a department that, for the most part, stays on top of your IT needs. That’s why we’ve developed our IT outsourcing services, known as co-managed IT services, to work with your own IT department and make it more productive and efficient while saving your small to medium-sized business some serious bucks.

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Antivirus Protection and Spam Protection

How Do Cybersecurity AI Platforms Work?

Now that security experts are embracing the potential of artificial intelligence, cyberthreat detection and cyberattack protections are the newest face of AI.

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remotework Remote

How to Manage Your Time Effectively When Working Remotely

It’s hard to fully focus on work when there’s a million other things clamoring for your attention, from your kids demanding a snack every two hours to the ever-growing pile of dishes in the sink.

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Iconic Fortify

Different Types of AI, from Antivirus to Robot Overlord

If you’re afraid of robots coming to life and destroying mankind, you’re in good company. Ancient Greeks had frightening ideas of man-made humans as early as 700 BC with the introduction of Talos, a bronze robotic guard that protected the island of Crete by throwing boulders at approaching enemies. Pandora was also an artificial being created to punish mankind for discovering fire.

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MSP Managed IT Services

What is an MSP?

The idea of using a centralized platform to manage IT issues is not a new one. In the 1990’s, the first pre-MSPs began to emerge from the prehistoric computer age. At that time, the desktop computers were clunky, screens flashed green cursors, and millions of people died virtually of dysentery in the game, ‘The Oregon Trail.’

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Small to Medium Size Businesses Photp Managed IT Services

Why Your Small to Medium-Sized Business Should Pick Iconic IT for Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT is, for most small to medium-sized businesses, a double-sided consideration. On one hand, maybe you’ve “got a guy” who does okay with handling your IT concerns. On the other hand, you wish you could do more for your network, but think you can’t afford to turn to outsourcing IT.

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Rochester Nonprofit Giving Day Community Involvement

Iconic IT Rochester New York: The Giving Side of Our MSP

By Maureen HillMarketing Manager Community Outreach You would think Iconic IT Rochester New York only gives IT advice and free […]

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Sitima Fowler - ChannelPro Magazine Cover Thought Leadership

Sitima Fowler, Co-Founder and VP of Iconic IT Services’ Marketing, Makes the Cover of Channel Pro’s July 2020 Edition

Iconic IT services is proud to see our own Sitima Fowler, Co-Founder of Iconic IT and VP of marketing, gracing the cover of the digital magazine, Channel Pro July 2020 Edition. Channel Pro provides business and IT insights for small to medium-sized IT services providers.

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Due Diligence Thought Leadership

Iconic IT Leaders Speak About the World of Mergers and Acquisitions in a Pax8 Wingman Webinar

Featuring: Chris Hoose, VP of Finance, Matt Lee, Director of Technology, David Leeper Director of Integration.   Recently, Iconic IT leaders had […]

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