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Iconic IT Team

Remote Workers Are Here to Stay: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Network for the Long Haul

A year ago, the idea of your business supporting long-term remote workers never crossed your mind. The pandemic has created a new mindset among business owners struggling to stay relevant, however, and COVID 19 has forced many employers to shift their focus to supporting remote workers for the long-term.

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Microsoft Outlook 101 Blog

Microsoft Outlook 101

These Microsoft Office 101 tips and tricks will have you feeling like a platform ninja. Here’s Iconic IT’s latest hacks for getting the most out of Microsoft Office and its lesser known functionalities. They can be the key to your productivity!
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Iconic IT CEO Thought Leadership

How Smart SMBs Are Saving Money on Their Cybersecurity

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the scary cybersecurity headlines out there. Most companies are willing to invest to address the threat. But are you spending that cybersecurity dollar wisely? Mike Fowler, CEO of Iconic IT, discusses common sense security strategy small and medium sized businesses can use to maximize their security—without breaking the bank.
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beefits of IT consulting Managed IT Services

What Are the Benefits of IT Consulting for Your SMB?

Your business isn’t too small to reap the benefits of IT consulting. Many MSPs are set up specifically with the needs of small and medium sized businesses in mind. Here’s what you can expect to get from working with a managed IT services provider.
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What is Cybersecurity Risk Assessment? Cybersecurity

What Is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

What is a cybersecurity risk assessment, and how can a good one keep your company safe? The experts at Iconic IT discuss the common definition of modern risk assessments, and walk you through the steps involved in a thorough cybersecurity evaluation.
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Thought Leadership

What’s Your Landline Really Costing You?

Companies can save big when they cut those traditional landlines, and switch to VoIP (Voice over Internet). Iconic IT VP Nick Nyberg explains how you can save big on your monthly bills, improve security, and enable your remote teams in whole new ways with VoIP.
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What is Network Security? Cybersecurity

What Is Network Security?

What is network security, and how do organizations use it to keep ahead of cyber crime? This article discuses the main types of network security programs, and how they work.
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