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Iconic IT Team

Remote Workers Are Here to Stay: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Network for the Long Haul

A year ago, the idea of your business supporting long-term remote workers never crossed your mind. The pandemic has created a new mindset among business owners struggling to stay relevant, however, and COVID 19 has forced many employers to shift their focus to supporting remote workers for the long-term.

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CMMC for Manufacturing Cybersecurity

CMMC for Manufacturing

By 2025, every factory contracting with the Department of Defense will have to complete a cybersecurity manturity moden certification *CMMC.” Is your manufacturing firm ready?
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future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 Blog

Creating the Best Future for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business After COVID19

Little by little, business will begin coming back after COVID19. Creating the best future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 starts now. With a little foresight and planning, you can come out of the starting gate far ahead of the competition and turn the pandemic into an amazing growth opportunity for your business.
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financial institution cybercrime Cybersecurity

Financial Institution Cyberattack Risks Are Growing

For a financial institution, cyberattacks are a top concern and no wonder: financial services account for 35% of all data breaches and are 300 times more likely to be attacked than other verticals. Naturally, the criminals are following the money. They are getting more sophisticated with each passing year, adding extortion, fraud, and theft to their bag of tricks. It’s time to take a good look at your financial institution cybersecurity strategies; is your plan up to the challenges?
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CMMC compliance Cybersecurity

CMMC Compliance: Will Your SMB Be Effected?

What is CMMC compliance, and what will it mean to vendors working with the US Department of Defense? This article will give you a step-by-step guide for navigating the difficult road to CMMC certification, and achieving exceptional levels of cybersecurity at your organization.
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Iconic IT Wine and Cyber Denver Awards & In the News

Wine & Cybersecurity Event Attracts a Crowd in Denver

A succeessful Denver seminar is now on the books. And now that its nationwide tour is underway, Iconic IT is offering free cybersecurity risk assessments to small and medium-sized businesses.
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Managed IT Services

What is an MSP?

The idea of using a centralized platform to manage IT issues is not a new one. In the 1990’s, the first pre-MSPs began to emerge from the prehistoric computer age. At that time, the desktop computers were clunky, screens flashed green cursors, and millions of people died virtually of dysentery in the game, ‘The Oregon Trail.’
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