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Creating the Best Future for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business After COVID19

The biggest uncertainty in this turbulent time is what the future of business after COVID19 will look like. In today’s landscape, business closures, plummeting stocks and furloughed employees are all you can see. Look a little deeper, though; you may be able to see a brighter future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19, with your organization in an even better place than it was before the pandemic. You need to start now. 

Take the Time to Bring Your Website Up to Speed 

Always wished you had the time to clean up your website? This is the perfect opportunity. 

  • Scrub all expired promotional and dated offers 
  • Rewrite and repurpose blogs 
  • Optimize your social media 
  • Look for ways to expand services after COVID19 is over 
  • Check all links and make sure none are redirected or broken 
  • Update your company information including phone numbers and locations 
  • Consider redesigning any clunky website elements you have 

Be ready for the future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 by taking this time to update your online resources for customers and clients. 

Learn How to Best Position Yourself for the Future of Your Business After COVID19 by Checking Out the Competition  

It’s true you may not be doing a lot of business right now, but neither is your competition. This is a great time to check out the competition and compare your business, products and services with others in your industry. You are looking for angles that will allow you to create a unique value proposition; something you offer that others don’t. 

  • What does my competition offer that my business doesn’t? 
  • What unique angle can we offer that no one else offers? 
  • Is there a customer demographic gap that my business can fill? 
  • Is a strategic partnership a good idea for our businesses? 

Dig Deep 

Don’t just trust what you see on the surface; take this time to dig deep and check out their marketing strategies, their social media presence, and their website itself. You may find that your competition doesn’t advertise or promote their services on Twitter, giving you a clear playing field to dominate that platform.  

Industry reports and Google Analysis will give you a clearer understanding of where your competition’s strengths and weaknesses are. Are you making the same mistakes? 

Sign Up on The Competition’s Websites 

Signing up for your competition’s emails or website will allow you to see their marketing strategies, pricing information, and products or services first-hand. How often do they update blogs? What are their promotions and sales, and how often do they have them? What strategies are they using in their emails to you? How user-friendly is their website? 

Monitor the Effectiveness of Their Campaign Strategies 

Using tools such as Google analytics, keyword research, and trends will help you see what amounts of traffic they are getting. This could give you a hand up in your own planning. Alexa is a great tool for monitoring and comparing your competition’s audience insights, traffic stats, and keywords they may be using to drive traffic to their own sites. 

Be ready for the future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 by analyzing opportunities with your competition. 

Time for a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment 

Your business may be slowing down, but cybercrime is just starting to get ramped up. With so many employees working remotely, cyberthreats have never been higher.  Increasingly, remote workforces are being targeted by cybercriminals who are cleverly using COVID19 to gain access through an accidental employee breach.  

This is a great time to check out your business’ cybersecurity strategies and make sure they are up to speed. A free cybersecurity risk assessment is a great place to start, and a free network audit is a good way to ensure your network can handle the added traffic of your remote workforce. 

You can also schedule a cybersecurity awareness training class online for all your employees to make sure they are doing their part in protecting your network. 

Be ready for the future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 by making sure you have effective cybersecurity strategies in place. 

The Future for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business After COVID19 Includes Innovation 

It’s time for you to reevaluate where you see your business after COVID19. This is the best time for you to plan growth along with new and innovative ways to expand your products and services. 

One way to do that is to begin to create ways to help other businesses during the crisis. The government assigned major corporations to produce ventilators, personal protective equipment, testing kits and supplies, and other valuable COVID19 resources.  

Is there a service or product you can supply during COVID19? It could be as simple as free resources or offering free tools, such as Iconic IT did with their free upgrade for to clients for their top-of-the-line antivirus platform, Iconic Fortify. Restaurants have been offering free meals for first responders, and smaller manufacturing firms have been supplying hospitals with testing swabs.  

Using imagination and empathy, chances are you can find a way to keep your doors open in a limited way to provide necessary supplies, services or even advice for other businesses or individuals caught in the pandemic. After COVID19, you will have aligned yourself in a helpful way, with an increase in recognition and reputation. 

The best future for your small to medium sized business after COVID19 will involve forward thinking and strategic planning to provide new, useful services and products now and after the pandemic. 

Embrace the Transformation 

One of the most significant trends for organizations is the shift to a remote workforce. You may think this is entirely due to COVID19, but the truth is that remote work has been steadily rising since 2005. In fact, between 2005 and 2017 it’s estimated that the number of remote workers jumped 159%.  

Following COVID19, it will be clear that organizations can sustain at least a part-time telecommuting policy within the company. This saves the employer money in utilities, increases employee productivity and satisfaction, and gives employers a wider pool of talent when it comes to the hiring process. 

Embrace this transformation by giving your employees the tools they need to work from home. You can organize all your remote employee considerations into a checklist, but make sure your remote employees have at least: 

  • Collaborative cloud-based tools such as Teams and Office 365 
  • Secured devices 
  • Secure network access with a VPN 
  • A working phone 
  • An accountability system 
  • Daily meetings to “touch base” with the rest of the team 
  • High speed internet 

After COVID 19 has passed, it’s expected that many small to medium-sized business will be looking at making some positions remain permanently remote or shift to part time-telecommuting. 

The best future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 is most likely going to involve keeping your employees working from home in some capacity, so prepare for these changes to become more permanent. 

This Pandemic Allows You to Touch Base with Customers More Frequently 

This is the perfect time for your small to medium-sized business to reach out to all the clients on your list and remind them that you are there for them. Empathy will play a big hand in re-establishing a business post COVID19. Offer discounts, free shipping, long-term financing, or free trials to show your clients and customers that you understand they are in a financial crunch right now. These short-term strategies will pay off in the end, with clients purchasing now to take advantage of your offers. You can also touch base with them just to remind them your business is here for them now and plans to be there in the future as well. 

The best future for your small to medium sized business after COVID19 starts with an empathetic response to your clients and customer base now. 

Forward Thinking and Strategic Planning to Hit the Floor Running 

Little by little, business will begin coming back after COVID19. Creating the best future for your small to medium-sized business after COVID19 starts now. With a little foresight and planning, you can come out of the starting gate far ahead of the competition and turn the pandemic into an amazing growth opportunity for your business.  

A foundation of empathy, innovation and transformation will help you through the uncertain times and to the other side, ready to take on the world post-COVID19. 


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