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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The Secret to Stopping Half Your Company’s Hacker Attacks

When most people think of a corporate hacking event, they think of major ransomware attacks that infect a company’s network of servers. But did you know that nearly half all corporate hacks originate with employee’s mobile phones and tablets? Scary? Definitely. But the good news is, you can fight back with one of the tech industry’s most crucial strategies: Mobile Device Management (MDM).

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management, put simply, is the usage of applications and sound information management policies to remotely monitor the health and operation of your employee’s mobile devices. This usually has three parts: software such as multi-factor login authentication that helps prevent incursions, software that allows management to take over the devices and push software updates, and employee training and policies that normalize data-safe behavior, no matter where an employee chooses to work.

Whether you have your own IT staff, or are working with an IT managed services provider like Iconic IT, your IT staff has probably been pushing for you to invest in mobile device management software. We strongly recommend that you do. If you’re looking to do a little homework on the issue, check out our resources on six ways to secure your network now, and our bring-your-own-device checklist. It will give you a good idea of where to get started.

Mobile Device Security—Defining the Risk

Still wavering on the idea? Consider this: according to its 2021 Mobile Security Report, security firm Check Point reports that:

  • 93 percent of all companies said they’d had a hacking attack using company mobile devices
  • at least one employee in 46 percent of the companies surveyed had downloaded malware on their phones
  • More than 90 percent of all malware attacks on mobile devices can be avoided through the use of proper login authentication techniques

Employees simply can’t see every slick phishing attack or bad attachment comiing. No one can. That’s why MDM benefits can be so important at your company. You can learn more about how mobile device security breaches play out in an organizational setting in our most recent blog on common mobile security threats.


MDM Benefits: What Can Mobile Security Do for Your Organization?

MDM Applications, when used in tandem, can deliver numerous benefits to your company including:

Tracking and Control—Where is the device? Are system updates installed? When an employee leaves, are these devices automatically removed from the company’s programs and servers? MDM programs can install and wipe programs off a mobile device, whether it’s owned by the company, or not.

Remote Maintenance—MDMs can enable screen takeovers by the IT department, allowing them to diagnose issues more readily with employees, as they happen, and implement fixes as they are needed. This MDM benefit can be a real lifesaver.

Data Siloing—Got employees who carry company files and programs on their personal devices? MDM programs can help keep those files from intermingling with personal files, while staying compliant with data regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, ELD, and CJIS.

One-stop device management—MDMs will allow you to manage all your devices, configurations, restrictions and applications from one platform.

Universal policy management—Never sweat whether your employee has downloaded the latest update or security patch. You can download them remotely. Your policies will get met, every time.

Ready to Learn More?

Effective mobile device management is really only one part of the journey to becoming a cloud-based, work-from-anywhere modern company. If you’d like to know more about how mobile device management plays out as part of a cloud based data management strategy, check out our recent case study about our client, BTI. And for resources, you can use to assess your own opportunities, check out our comprehensive Modern Work Place Essentials Kit. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a safe, secure and remote-enabled workplace for the 21st century.

Modern Workplace Journey Essentials Kit



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