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Iconic IT Team

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 10 Tricks and a Free Treat for Business Leaders

October is more than hot apple cider by the bonfire, caramel apples, and Halloween. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Iconic IT has gathered 10 tricks and a free treat for your small to medium-sized business. Take this tricky quiz to see how you rank for cybersecurity awareness, then look for Iconic IT’s free treat for small to medium-sized businesses! 

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Cloud Services Managed IT Services

Understanding MSPs: Working with Managed IT Services for Small Business in Denver

All over Denver, small businesses just like yours struggle with IT issues that drain their budgets, slow them down, decrease efficiency, and put their networks at risk.
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Thought Leadership

Where in the World is Matt Lee?

Staying close to home, color coding like a toddler with the BIG pack of crayons, and committing his time for […]
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Aaron Coleman Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 Business Premium vs Microsoft Business Standard

The best choices in Microsoft for businesses are Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Business Standard. There are clear reasons to choose Microsoft 365 Business Premium over Standard, however, and at less than $8 additional per month, it’s well worth the price.
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Thought Leadership

Quality is a Journey and Not a Destination

“Since quality is a journey, we believed that if we applied for the MBA and took one step at a time, we would see improvement. We never won the award, but we certainly measured and documented continuous improvement.”
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Conflict Can Be Healthy

It’s fair to say that most people do not enjoy conflict. Not too many people look forward to a fight. […]
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Sitima Fowler Thought Leadership

Sitima Fowler Sits with ChannelPro Network to Dish on Recipes to Fuel Business Growth

In July, Sitima was featured on the cover of ChannelPro Magazine where she revealed three tips on how MSPs can fuel business growth. In a recent follow up interview, Sitima shares these tips with ChannelPro’s Colleen Frye, along with a lesson in cooking a tasty recipe for success.
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