Corona Virus

Fear for Sale: Hackers Using Coronavirus Concerns to Spread Malware

What if a physical virus wasn’t the only virus you needed to fear? Welcome to the constantly evolving world of cybercrime, where the current trend is hackers using coronavirus concerns to spread malware.

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Shaping the Industry

What Is Thought Leadership?

At Iconic IT, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the industry. What is thought leadership, and why is […]

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Is Your Non Profit's Mission Statement Effective Blog

Is Your Non Profit’s Mission Statement Effective? The Definitive Guide to Drafting the Perfect Mission Statement for NGO’s

Your mission statement is the backbone of your nonprofit organization’s campaign. It explains who you are, what you support, and […]

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Iconic IT Services & Pricing Managed IT Services

Which Iconic IT Package is Right for My Business?

No matter what level of managed services your business needs, Iconic IT has you covered. From remote and tools-only packages […]

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Small Business Taxes Are Targeted by Cybercriminals

You think you know all the current hacking techniques and trends, but this tax season puts you at risk for […]

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How To Make the 2020s The Best Years for Your Business…Starting NOW!

Want to know how to make the 2020s the best years for your business? It’s time to dig in, tech […]

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Antivirus Protection and Spam Protection

Cybercrime Statistics: Iconic IT Has the Solutions You Need

We know you’ve read all the cybercrime statistics 1000 times. Let’s make it 1001: Hackers launch cyberattacks at astonishing rates: […]

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office 365 Microsoft Office 365

Making the Switch to Office 365 in 2020

With over 120 million users across the globe, Office 365 is obviously one of the most popular software platforms on […]

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Cybersecurity Tips

Cybercriminal Profiles: Who Is Hacking Me?

Cybercriminal activity is on the rise. According to Cybercrime Magazine, losses due to cybercrimes are estimated to reach $6 trillion by the […]

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Sitima Fowler, Iconic IT Speaker Shaping the Industry

Request an Iconic IT Speaker: Educate, Inform, Entertain

Iconic IT is kind of a big deal in the MSP industry. Our employees, techs and executives are requested all […]

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Sitima Fowler - VP of Communications, Iconic IT Shaping the Industry

Podcast – Datto interviews Sitima Fowler on how to sell the value of your service

Understanding your company story, the value you bring to clients and training your sales team on those messages are all […]

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