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Reopening Business: Challenges We All Will Face

The hinges make a squeaky protest as you open them; after all, you haven’t unlocked that door in months. You are excited to be reopening, but you’re also apprehensive: what has changed? What new strategies or solutions will I need to succeed? Is my network as ready to get back to work as I am?  I already know that when I’m reopening business, challenges are just on the other side of that door. Am I really ready? 

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VPN Uncategorized

Are VPNs 100% Secure for Small Businesses?

Just like any layer of protection, virtual private networks (VPNs) are not impenetrable. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t essential. A bicycle helmet will crack under enough pressure, but that’s not a good reason to ride around without one or to buy the cheapest one available. VPN security is as essential to remote employees as quality helmets are to bike messengers.

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SMKO Meeting 2020 Remote

5 Tech Tips for Innovative Employee Training (Even If It’s Remote)

Our technicians spend most of their working hours designing time-saving IT. Sometimes, it’s as simple as automating an invoice approval process; sometimes, it’s as complex as setting up phone systems that redirect incoming calls based on who is best suited to answer. Whatever it is, the focus is always on getting more done in less time.

Here are our tech-focused employee training ideas that will free up time on your calendar.

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Fourth of July Uncategorized

15 July 4th Tidbits: Be A Trivia Master at Your Celebration

While this year’s July 4th celebrations may look a little different than in past years, one thing is for sure: we are still going to be cooking out and watching fireworks, one way or the other.

As you’re putting mustard on your fourth hot dog, (out of the estimated 150 million consumed on this day) consider these 15 July 4th tidbits to share with your family and friends.

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Ransomware Attack Cybersecurity Tips

Healthcare Ransomware: Protecting Your Patients and Your Network

Healthcare ransomware is not a new threat; healthcare industry organizations have been ransomware targets for decades. Did you know that the very first ransomware attack targeted the healthcare industry in 1989? Joseph Popp, a PHD, sent a very specific ransomware to AIDS researchers, distributing 20000 infected floppy discs (remember them?) across the globe.

Times have changed, though, and while leg warmers and cabbage patch dolls are no longer in fashion, ransomware certainly is.

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Iconic IT Acquires Texas MSP Wood Networks In the News

Iconic IT in the News in Channele2e

Iconic IT was profiled in Channele2e for Iconic IT’s recent acquisition of Wood Networks.  Read the full article to see what […]

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Come in, we're open Cybersecurity Tips

Reopening Your Business in East Texas? Here’s A List of Cybersecurity Safety Tips

Criminals are capable of hacking into your network with a wide variety of tools. There are sites on the dark web that sell ransomware; the bad actors simply buy it, install it, and launch it on the organization of their choice. Reopening your business in East Texas? Check out these cybersecurity safety tips to help you level the playing field.

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Grand Reopening Reopening for Business

Reopening a Business? Some Things Your Customers Aren’t Telling You

Finally, the stay-at-home restrictions are being lifted and freedom reigns once again. You’re reopening a business, but before you hang your “Welcome Back” banners, here are a few things your customers aren’t telling you.

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Cybersecurity Network Support and Server Support

What Makes IT Help Desk Services Great?

An MSP is only as good as the help desk services it provides when you need them most. Many MSPs promise great support services, but not all deliver on this promise. What makes some IT help desk services stand out, and what makes others fall short?

Let’s look at the Iconic IT Great Help Desk services play book.

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Cybercriminal Managed IT Services

Ransomware Targets IT Services Providers in East Texas: Is Your MSP at Risk?

IT is getting more complex, and many small to medium-sized businesses are turning to MSPs to handle their IT services in East Texas. Ransomware targets businesses on an alarming basis, taking down state government agencies and even MSPs as it spreads; how can a small to medium-sized business fight back?

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Small to Medium Size Business In the News

Iconic IT Announces the Acquisition of Wood Networks

Iconic IT Announces the Acquisition of Wood Networks FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 17, 2020       Tyler Tx-June 15, 2020: Iconic IT, […]

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IT Services Managed IT Services

Making Co-Managed IT Services Work for You

There are many reasons you can’t expand your internal IT department, with budgetary concerns right at the top of the list. It’s hard to find the right IT personnel, equip them, and pay them what they deserve. Benefits, sick days, and vacation add to the costs, along with an increasing inability to find qualified personnel to begin with. Co-managed services are the answer.

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