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Reopening Business: Challenges We All Will Face

The hinges make a squeaky protest as you open them; after all, you haven’t unlocked that door in months. You are excited to be reopening, but you’re also apprehensive: what has changed? What new strategies or solutions will I need to succeed? Is my network as ready to get back to work as I am?  I already know that when I’m reopening business, challenges are just on the other side of that door. Am I really ready? 

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Hello, Voice Security Compliance? HIPAA Calling, and It’s Not Good News

As solutions for phone systems continue to evolve, they allow call recording, voicemail to email, mobile apps, SMS/texting to and from your work number, and more. The realization that phone systems also now send, receive and store data just like a File or Email server has raised awareness that it now needs to be included in security and voice security compliance requirements.

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Why a Day of Rest is Called Labor Day, and Other Labor Day Facts

Eat the hotdogs and close the pool, Labor Day is here again. Ask anyone what we are celebrating on this […]

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Lindsay Smith, Core Services Coordinator, Iconic IT Managed IT Services

Dark Web Monitoring: Keeping Private Information Private

Lindsay Smith, Core Services Coordinator, Iconic IT “No, really.  It won’t happen to me.”  “I don’t need dark web monitoring, […]

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Matt on Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour Thought Leadership

Where in the World is Matt Lee?

Matt has been making friends and influencing people while leaving destruction in his wake across the US. I’ve been on […]

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IT Services Managed IT Services

10 Signs of an Excellent IT Service Management Provider

Iconic IT understands that finding an excellent IT service management provider is like looking for a needle in a haystack. […]

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Technology Advice IT and Business Strategies and Tips

IT Consulting: 9 Reasons Why Professional Consulting Services are Your Roadmap to the Future

Before you write a book report, you need to read the book. Before you bake a cake, you need to get the ingredients. To start a car, you need a key. You’d never dive into a pool without filling it first. All of this seems obvious, so why do many businesses jump into IT strategies and solutions without consulting an expert first?

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