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Iconic IT Team

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 10 Tricks and a Free Treat for Business Leaders

October is more than hot apple cider by the bonfire, caramel apples, and Halloween. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Iconic IT has gathered 10 tricks and a free treat for your small to medium-sized business. Take this tricky quiz to see how you rank for cybersecurity awareness, then look for Iconic IT’s free treat for small to medium-sized businesses! 

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Password Cybersecurity Tips

Password Hints From The Pros

Matt Topper, a Professional Services Manager at Iconic IT, explains the changing roles of passwords and how to construct them, and password hints and tips for safely creating and changing passwords.
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football Blog

Are Football Pools a Good Idea in the Office? Keeping Your Pool Legit

It’s that time of year; football season is upon us once again. There are some things you can count on […]
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happy workers IT and Business Strategies and Tips

Why Your Small to Medium- Sized Business Needs IT Strategy Consulting

You wouldn’t build a house without a set of plans, so why would you create an IT plan without an IT strategy consultation? IT strategy consultants have a place in any industry, delivering fresh perspective and analysis to businesses’ IT strategies.
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hacker at work Cybersecurity Tips

VPN Safety in the Face of Targeted Iranian Cyberattacks

On September 15, 2020, the CISA issued a dire warning: Iranian state sponsored actors are targeting VPNs during a time when businesses are relying on them the most. Many businesses are currently using VPNs to ensure network safety for their remote teams.
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Iranian VPN Cyberattack Awards & In the News

Iran Targets VPN Vulnerabilities for Cyberattacks on Businesses Across All Industries

FOR Immediate Release Contact: Sitima Fowler, VP of MarketingPhone: (585) 546-4120 Recent CISA Alert Warns of VPN Exploits During a Time When Many Businesses are Relying on a Remote Workforce  September 16, 2020: Iconic […]
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sleepy dog keyboard Blog

Nine Back-to-School Safety Tips for Online Learning

Logins that don’t work, late to sign in for classes, uncharged devices, lost or deleted files; school sure looks different this year for our students as they face the challenges of online learning. You make sure they wake up on time and that they are logged in, but what about online back-to-school cybersecurity? Hackers have been waiting for this moment their entire lives; a nation full of unsuspecting children using unprotected devices for schoolwork.
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