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Iconic IT Team

Remote Workers Are Here to Stay: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Network for the Long Haul

A year ago, the idea of your business supporting long-term remote workers never crossed your mind. The pandemic has created a new mindset among business owners struggling to stay relevant, however, and COVID 19 has forced many employers to shift their focus to supporting remote workers for the long-term.

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How to Keep Your Business Connected Through a Storm Power Outage

On top of natural disasters, you could lose power through human error, and even animal activity (we’re looking at you, squirrels). No matter how safe you think you are from a Mother Nature inspired business power disruption, your organization needs to have a business power outage plan to keep you up and running as smoothly as possible.
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modern work environment Modern Workplace

Your Modern Work Environment: The Good and the Bad

The modern workplace looks different than anyone could ever have imagined just a few short years ago. What should business owners know about their remote teams? Here’s a look at both the good and the bad of some current modern work environment trends, .
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Modern Workforce Modern Workplace

The Cloud Revolution Is Here: Are You Ready to Migrate to the Cloud?

In 2020, the demand was on: find a way to keep employees connected, safe, and productive wherever and whenever they work. Businesses had to make some quick decisions to enable their remote workforce. The first stirrings of the cloud revolution were in the air (pun intended). What is cloud computing, anyway?
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Save money Managed IT Services

Looking to Buy Hardware or Software? Iconic IT Saves You Time and Money, No Services Sign-Up Required

Iconic IT, an industry leading Managed Services Provider, is also a distributor of the hardware and software you need to keep your business moving forward , whether you are a current client or not.
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Matt Lee Thought Leadership

Where in the World is Matt Lee?

Matt Lee, Iconic IT’s Director of Technology and Security, builds a first-of its-kind Privileged Identity Management solution with Microsoft, talks […]
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Why Do We Love Valentine’s Day?

Love Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few fun February 14th facts for fans!
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