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Iconic IT Team

Remote Workers Are Here to Stay: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Network for the Long Haul

A year ago, the idea of your business supporting long-term remote workers never crossed your mind. The pandemic has created a new mindset among business owners struggling to stay relevant, however, and COVID 19 has forced many employers to shift their focus to supporting remote workers for the long-term.

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Cyber Risk Insurance Cybersecurity

Cyber Risk Insurance: Choosing the Best Policy for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business

If it seems like more companies are getting cyber risk insurance these days, it’s because they are. Companies are buying the insurance because cyber crime is growing, and so is the damage it can do. In fact, according to the latest stats from, the United States is the most expensive country in the world to have a data breach, with the average incursion costing a company $8.64 million in 2020. Is it any wonder that the Cyber Risk Insurance market is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2025? Here’s what you need to know, before you buy a policy for your business.
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VoIP Hacking Cybersecurity

VoIP Hacking: How to Protect Your Phones from Cybercrime

Did you know one of the biggest cybersecurity risks you have is your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone? Read on, and learn our latest strategies for dealing with the problem of VoIP hacking.
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QA vs. QC Testing Managed IT Services

QA vs. QC Testing

Don’t know your quality assurance from your quality control? No worries. Iconic IT breaks down these two key phases of software development, and explains what you can expect with each. Check it out!
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Valentine's Day Blog

Why We Love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for couples. But have you thought about using the day to show a little love to your team? Here’s ways to make the day fun at work—for everyone.
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2022 Tech Trends Thought Leadership

2022 Tech Trends That Are Worth Your Investment

If the tech industry has a 2022 that’s anything like our 2021, we’re in for another year of rapid growth, burgeoning security threats, and sea changes i the way business is done.
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penetration testing vendor Cybersecurity

How to Choose the Right Penetration Testing Vendor for Your Company

How do you know your network security is holidng? You hire white hat hackers to do penetration testing on your company’s systems. Iconic IT weighs in how to choose a reputable penetration testing vendor.
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