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Iconic IT Team

Remote Workers Are Here to Stay: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Network for the Long Haul

A year ago, the idea of your business supporting long-term remote workers never crossed your mind. The pandemic has created a new mindset among business owners struggling to stay relevant, however, and COVID 19 has forced many employers to shift their focus to supporting remote workers for the long-term.

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Iconic IT Wine and Cyber Denver Awards & In the News

Wine & Cybersecurity Event Is a Hit In Rochester

The Wine & Cyber event in Rochester event was a hit, thanks to great flights of wine, and a compelling cybersecurity presentation from Sitima Fowler of Iconic IT and Wes Spencer of ConnectWise.
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reboot modem and router Blog

Want to Impress Your IT Person? Answer ‘Yes’ When They Ask “Did you Reboot Modem and Router?”

Oh boy. Here we go. Your computer is running ridiculously slow. What do you do now? You could call your IT desk. But before you do, we recommend trying to reboot modem and router so it has a chance to reconnect. Why not complete this step, before you call in your request?
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Iconic IT Wine and Cyber Denver Awards & In the News

Wine & Cybersecurity Event Attracts a Crowd in Wichita

A succeessful Wichita seminar is now on the books. And now that its nationwide tour is underway, Iconic IT is offering free cybersecurity risk assessments to small and medium-sized businesses.
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Mike Fowler 2021 predictions in review Thought Leadership

Our 2021 Tech Predictions vs. Reality—How Did We Do?

At the beginning of 2021, we had some bold predictions about where tech would go in the new year. How did we do? Check out this 2021 predictions in review article by Iconic IT CEO Mike Fowler.
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employee holiday gifts Blog

Tech Holiday Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Puzzling over what to buy your employees for the holidays this year? Don’t stress—Iconic IT has a list of our favorite tech gifts that will be sure to keep your employees
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adopt and acceptable use policy Blog

Why Adopt an Acceptable Use Policy?

When businesses adopt an acceptable use policy, they are adding another layer of security for their network, and it’s more important now that employees are working remotely.
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