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Technology for Nonprofits

How Smart Organizations Use Targeted Investments in Software to Save Time, Money, and Risk for Their Mission

Think modern cloud and security software is too pricey for your non-profit? Think again. Thanks to special non-profit technology pricing, the tech that’s powered a productivity boom in big business can work for your small non-profit, too. So how does technology help non-profit associations? Read on, and we’ll show you the non-profit technology resources that could revolutionize the way your non-profit does business.

Technology = Savings

In any business, technology powers productivity. But as a managed IT services provider working with small corporations and non-profits, our clients often balk at the idea of investing in the latest management software. After all, that Microsoft 365 license can seem like an unspeakable luxury when you’re budget is stretched with mission-first expenses.

But before you red line that latest software purchase, let’s take a look at some misconceptions. Collaboration software like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint aren’t just for major corporations. Most major software has been scaled now so even small organizations can easily use, maintain, and benefit from it. Second of all, the cost of licensing these agreements has come way, way down in the last few years, as companies like Microsoft have moved to a streaming subscription model. You only pay for what you use, and updates are continuous and part of your subscription. And best of all? Most major software companies are now offering user licenses to non-profits at very steeply discounted prices. You may be able to afford far more than you think.

When you calculate the costs of your tech investment, we also encourage you to think about how much money you’ll save, just by saving time. How much time less time will you spend chasing around versions of documents because you don’t have collaboration software? How long will you spend hand crafting reports because you don’t have accounting software? Could the efficiencies you gain cut down your staffing expenses? Your volunteer training? The right tech can save a non-profit double-digit percentages on their expenses. You can harness that power, too.

Managing in the Cloud = Lower Office Costs

Do you have collaboration and project management software? Do you have a virtual private network that allows your employees to work from home? If you don’t, have you stopped to think what those investments could give you? Not only does seamless collaboration speed up your workflow, but it offers you intriguing opportunities to lower your costs. Is your non-profit in a major city with a high cost of living? Maybe you could hire non-client facing employees that are in lower cost markets and pay them a little less. Or maybe full-time jobs could be done by part- time or freelance talent. When you have the ability to be completely flexible in your work, possibilities for efficiencies open up that you may not have dreamed of before.

Tech Transparency = Better Reporting

Transparency is one of the least-discussed benefits of cloud-enabled companies, but it’s one of the most important. Having documents in shared databases can go a long way towards establishing trust between employees. There’s fewer silos, and less information hoarding, for starters. But have you thought about what state- of-the-art software can do for your reporting?

Of course, accounting and spreadsheet technologies make it far easier to track expenses for your non-profit reporting structures. But perhaps the trickiest job in any non-profit is finding ways to communicate with your board and sponsors. In recent years, a surprising amount of tools have been developed just for non-profit board communication, including the high-powered portal, BoardEffect. Want to hear more about the non-profit technology resources available to you? Check out some of these sources and reviews.

Security = Lower Liability

Cyber thieves are no longer only hitting the big, cash-rich organizations. They’re going after organizations of every size and type. That means no matter what your size, your organization can’t afford to ignore security risks. Two-factor login authentication, cybersecurity insurance, and anti-spoofing software are really no-longer optional for any organization. With average costs of ransomware attacks now in the millions, just one incursion could completely derail your mission. The good news is, proper investments in your online security will earn you lower insurance rates, in addition to safeguarding your client information and mission-critical data.

Want to Learn More?

How does technology benefit non-profit associations? Here at Iconic IT, we have a virtual library of resources available to help non-profits think strategically about their tech investments. Check out our tips on choosing tech products and vendors, and read about how we were able to help the Presbyterian Night Shelter use non-profit technology to further their mission. For a deep dive into our non-profit technology resources, download our Non-Profit Essentials kit. And as always, if you’re a non-profit in one of our main service areas, we’d love to help you put technology to work for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Nonprofit IT Essentials Kit


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