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Why Do We Love Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, in case you missed the memo, is February 14, 2021. It’s a day of love, proposals, flowers, chocolates, and cards.

Love Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few fun February 14th facts for fans!

1. Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

In the middle ages, single women and men would draw names to choose a Valentine. They pinned the name on their sleeves for a week…thus “wearing their heart on their sleeve.”

2. A Rose by Any Other Name

The red rose is a favorite of the goddess of love, Venus, making it the flower of choice for Valentine’s Day. Did you know different colored roses mean different things? Red, of course, means love, while yellow means friendship. Roses aren’t alone in their declarations of love; get creative this Valentine’s Day and send forget-me-nots to your true love or a red carnation to someone you admire.

Of course, if you have anthophobia (a fear of flowers), you might want to just sit this one out.

3.Valentine’s Cards: Snaring Hearts since 1844

The Valentine’s Day card industry will see an estimated one billion cards sent this year, and we have Esther Howland to thank for these love notes. In 1844, Esther patented a lacy valentine to replace the handmade cards that were traditionally sent. Lace is prominent in Valentine’s Day gifts, and with good reason: the word comes from “laques,” Latin for “to snare or net.”

Side fact: Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to send cards, beaten only by Christmas.

4. I Love You…or, You Know, Whatever

Being stumped on what to write on a Valentine’s Day card is nothing new. In fact, in 1823 Peter Quizumall wrote booklets titled “Valentine’s Writers” to give tongue-tied would-be suitors a chance to declare their love.

5. Sorry, Guys, You’re Spending More on Your Sweetie

On average, men spend $130 for Valentine’s Day gifts, nearly double what women spend. On the flip side, 64% of men do not make Valentine’s Day plans with their sweeties.

Despite last minute plans, Valentine’s Day remains a big one for proposals: 220,000 engagements will be made on Valentine’s Day.

6. Puppy Love

Nearly 17% of pet owners will buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their furry friends. That’s nearly one in four pet owners spending an estimated $1.7 billion for their pampered pets. Nearly half of pet owners admit to cuddling more with their critters than their sweeties. Meow!

7. Quit Bugging Me!

Some zoos will name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to an animal…for a price. The El Paso Zoo is one of these, running its “Quit Bugging Me” from now through February 12, 2021. Live stream is available on February 13-14 to watch your “ex” get eaten in real time.  For every $1k raised, the El Paso Zoo director will eat a roach, too.  

Thank you, we’ll stick to the traditional chocolate: 58 million pounds of this delicious treat will be bought for Valentine’s Day.

8. A Day of Love and…Football?

Valentine’s Day almost had stiff competition this year. It had been discussed in 2020 that, due to pandemic, Superbowl Sunday could be moved back one week…from February 7 to February 14, 2021. Luckily for couples everywhere that didn’t happen, and February 14th is still the day of love.

Superbowl snacks almost looked a lot different this year!

Help Your Business Share the Love

Iconic IT loves to love our employees, and we do it in lots of fun ways. One of our most popular apps we use now is Bonusly. Bonusly lets employees share recognition and appreciation by awarding points to co-workers for a job well done. Iconic IT allows earned points to be exchanged for cool swag from our Iconic IT store.

Bonusly is only one way for keeping the love alive. For more tips on keeping your employees happy, appreciated and feeling loved, take a look at our on-demand webinar, Enabling Remote Work and Improving Company Culture, a powerful look at ways to keep your company culture alive.

From our hearts to yours, Iconic IT wishes you a safe and happy Valentine’s Day.


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