Free IT Services Consultation Puts You On the Road to Success

Your Free Iconic IT Services Consultation

A free Iconic IT services consultation gives you a clear picture of where your current IT stands, what can be done to make your network more secure and efficient, and how your IT strategies will grow with your business.  It allows you to see your vulnerabilities and implement strategies to keep you up and running.

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What is an IT Services Consultation? 

An IT services consultation is an analysis of your business’ current IT strategy. IT consultations loosely involve three elements: 

Operational Assessments: This analysis focuses on your organization’s ability, capacity and efficiency to maintain a healthy IT environment with your current strategy and equipment. A strategic plan may involve testing and rolling out new solutions to strengthen your IT capacity and fill in any gaps that may be keeping your network from operating at peak efficiency. 

Strategic Planning: Strategic planning helps identify your business’ unique IT needs and create a workable plan to address them. 

Architecture and Infrastructure Analysis: This is a look at the equipment your business uses as well as the way the equipment processes information and uses it. In other words, infrastructure is the hardware, and architecture is the logic behind the hardware and its interactions with other elements in your network. 

IT Consultation for Internal IT Departments 

Even if you have an internal IT department, they may not be prepared with a strong, focused IT strategy that can keep you protected and your systems running smoothly.  Your IT department may not have a professional consultant on the team, and they may not have the time to thoroughly assess your network and infrastructure to develop an effective IT strategy. 

Iconic IT can work with your internal IT department to make sure they have the access to the tools and solutions they need to work efficiently. 

A free IT services consultation with your internal IT department can help your business stay updated, upgraded, and industry compliant. 

Outsourced IT Departments 

Is your current MSP doing all it should be to address your unique IT needs? Even if you are contracted with another MSP, Iconic IT can review their plans and strategies to make sure they align with your business, and not just a generic one-size-fits all solution. 

Having the wrong MSP can mean you are spending money on services you don’t need and software that just doesn’t work for your business. 

If, after your free IT services consultation, you decide that Iconic IT is a better choice for your business we will help you “break up” with your current MSP. 

What Benefits Will My Free IT Services Consultation Have for My Business? 

An Iconic IT consultation looks at the Big Picture of your IT strategies. An analysis will help you understand where your business stands, where your “gaps” are in your current IT strategy, and how your IT strategy will grow with your business. Your IT needs today will not be the same as they will be in the future; your IT strategy needs to be as scalable as your business strategies. 

Peace of Mind 

An IT consultation gives you peace of mind. When you know that your network is meeting the demands of your business, complying with industry regulations, and safe from cyberthreats you can focus your attentions on growing your business. 

Saving You Money 

Your free, no obligation IT services consultation will help you identify the ways your organization is spending your IT budget. Iconic IT can identify useless or outdated software and hardware. 

You will also find out if your current IT strategy is keeping you compliant with industry standards and regulations. These change nearly every week, and if your business isn’t meeting these stringent requirements you could be putting yourself at risk of fines and penalties. Industry regulations regarding security touch nearly every vertical; are you prepared? 

If your IT strategy falls flat, you could be looking at unexpected costs like: 

Unplanned Downtime 

Unplanned downtime costs you revenue and productivity. Find out how unplanned downtime can cost your business here. 

Legal Liability 

If your company data falls victim to a breach, your company will ultimately be responsible. 

Surprise Break-Fix Costs 

Many businesses rely on a “break-fix” IT strategy. In other words, you don’t think about your IT until something goes wrong. Be prepared with a solid IT analysis so you can be proactive, solving a problem before it begins, rather than reactive and having to spend money to fix an issue after it happens. 

What Can I Expect From my Free Iconic IT Services Consultation? 

Our professional analysis looks at every business as an individual venture. We don’t believe in one-size-fits all solutions. We will prepare your analysis based on many factors, including: 

  • Available assets 
  • Budget 
  • Industry-related threat levels 
  • Number of employees 

Targeting Your Priorities 

Your free IT services consultation will help you “block out the noise” and create an IT strategy that identifies and targets your priorities. 

Iconic IT can help you develop unique IT strategies that exclusively addresses the needs of your business, both now and in the future. 

Complete Evaluation 

Iconic IT provides a complete analysis of your IT. We don’t dangle free promises and only half the solutions. We believe the more you know, the more you will be prepared. 

We not only develop an overall analysis of your IT needs; we will create a strategy that meets those needs. 

We don’t forget that as a small to medium-sized business, you have a strict IT budget. If you choose to move forward with Iconic IT, you’ll find that our solutions will fit your IT budget with predictable, fixed charges and straight-forward plan options. 

…And We Mean Free 

Iconic IT offers your free IT services consultation with no strings attached. This analysis is a no-obligation service we provide to businesses to help them plan and prepare in an ever-changing digital world. 

If you move forward with Iconic IT, we offer a ninety-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Not only will you get a refund, we will help you find an MSP that better suits your needs. 

Iconic IT also offers no contracts, meaning that even if you decide we aren’t a good fit after the ninety days, you aren’t locked into a plan. At Iconic IT, we don’t think you should be stuck with an MSP you are unhappy with. 

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