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Data loss can come from many sources, both externally and internally. Hard drive or network failures, power outages, and malware are only a few factors that can contribute to a data loss disaster and cost you time and money. These unexpected events, known as black swan events, come out of nowhere—and if you’re not prepared, the devastation can be crippling for your business. In some cases, the losses are so great that they can cause a business to shut its doors forever.

The good news is that data loss is preventable with a business continuity management strategy. The bad news is that many businesses rely on outdated backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Cloud Backup

True, reliable backups for your server infrastructure require a dual approach. Your server infrastructure needs to be backed up both onsite and in the cloud.

With Iconic IT’s cloud storage services, you reduce the risk of data loss and downtime with reliable backup and fast restores. Iconic IT does a complete image level backup of your server(s) to an onsite backup device, and then sends that full image to the cloud for an additional copy of your data.

What does this look like for your business?

We start by providing local, on-site storage for full server image-based backups. We also backup the server images in the cloud.

Cloud Backup Diagram

Office 365 Backup

While Office 365 gives businesses the collaboration and file sharing abilities they need to survive and thrive, it’s important to remember:

  • Not all Office 365 data is automatically backed up: Relying on Office 365 solutions such as the recycle bin as a temporary backup solution is not the answer. For instance, deleted emails are only saved for thirty days, then they are gone forever with no recovery solution.

  • Microsoft alone will not provide restoration of data after a loss: It’s easy for Office 365 to be accidentally deleted, infected by ransomware, or corrupted by employees. This means your data may not be as protected as it should be. Archiving and recovering Office 365 files is an important part of a business data protection plan.

Iconic IT’s managed service plans close this critical protection gap by securely backing up, restoring, and managing your Office 365 applications including emails, files, and tasks. SharePoint, Teams, Exchange Online, Groups, and OneDrive will be backed up and available for restoration. Iconic IT protects your Office 365 data with TLS or SSL connections and military-grade encryption using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure your data is safe in transit and at rest.

What does this look like for your business?

Iconic IT provides cloud-to-cloud backup of data contained inside M365. This will allow you to access emails and some files and restore them to a local machine, even if it is offline.

Microsoft 365 Diagram

Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

Iconic IT’s Business Continuity and Backup Recovery (BCDR) services include instant virtualization, restore options, verified backups, and ransomware protection to ensure your business is always protected from any disaster.

Iconic IT’s BCDR can “turn back the clock” to a time before the incident occurred. Your data is safe, and your business operations can be restored quickly.

What does this look like for your business?

An appropriate on-site backup device is sized to meet your data storage needs. The onsite hardware can act as a disaster recovery site if the on-site backup device can act as a disaster recovery site if your servers fail or the software is corrupted.

If your site and / or your servers are unavailable, Iconic IT’s cloud computing experts can spin up virtual machines (VM’s) in the cloud and offer connectivity from anywhere. You and your employees can be operational within an 8-hour time frame, and possibly as soon as 1 hour.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Overview

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Overview

What Is Business Continuity Management?

Essential for the modern workplace, a business continuity management plan is a multi-tiered approach for addressing potential problems in case the unthinkable happens and your network loses valuable data.

A thorough business continuity management strategy covers:

Business recovery
Contingency planning
Disaster recovery

Crisis management
Incident management

Backup and disaster recovery solutions protect your network from both internal and external threats.

External Network Disasters

External disasters are those that affect your network from the outside. These can include:

Malware: Extensive data loss is a common side effect of a cyberattack.

Power failures: A power failure can cause systems to shut down improperly, sometimes resulting in lost files and other sensitive data. Brown-outs and power surges can have devastating effects on your hardware, possibly leading to data loss.

Fire damage: Fires can be devastating on many fronts, including the damages done to your hardware. Many businesses have data backups in place, but store them on a hard drive in the same building. This makes them susceptible to destruction in a fire along with the original files.

Natural disasters: Flooding, earthquakes, and heavy storms are just a few examples of natural disasters that can impact your data storage.

Internal Network Disasters

Internal disasters are those that originate within the business itself, usually accidentally. These include:

File deletion: An employee may accidentally delete files, corrupt them, or overwrite them. Having business continuity solutions can allow these files to be recovered.

Theft: If your computers are stolen, so is any information you have stored on them. Backup data recovery solutions will track what information was stored on the stolen equipment and restore the data.

Damage to hardware: From power surges to outdated equipment, your hard drive is susceptible to damages that will affect the way information is stored or retrieved. Add in the human factor, such as an employee spilling coffee on a workstation, and you have a recipe for a potential disaster.

System malfunctions: Sometimes, systems crash without warning and for what seems like no reason at all. Your IT team will need to fix the system malfunction and restore your data as well.

From flooding and malware to coffee incidents, your data is constantly at risk. You need a managed business continuity plan from a trusted IT company. Iconic works hard after a disaster so you don’t have to.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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