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Microsoft Responds to Coronavirus with Free Access to Teams

Microsoft is responding to coronavirus concerns with free access to Teams, addressing the growing need for remote workforces to stay connected and productive. There is a reason Microsoft remains one of the most popular software platforms on the planet, and its response to coronavirus ensures it will remain at the top of the list.

Iconic IT is responding to businesses’ requests for ways to streamline projects, hold meetings, and collaborate during this unpredictable time by bringing you the solutions you need. Iconic IT relies on Microsoft Teams for many reasons, and we think this is a great time for you to check out this powerful app.

Free Access to Teams for Six Months

Microsoft is committed to connectivity, offering its Office 365 application Teams to individuals and businesses…whether you have a Microsoft account or not.

If You Have Office 365

If you currently have Office 365, the application is already in your toolset. It’s just a matter of setting it up for your workforce.

Luckily, Teams provides a smooth, user-friendly interface that allows easy set-up and deployment. For step by step instructions on setting up your Teams app, click here.

If You Don’t Have Office 365

If your business doesn’t use Office 365, this is your chance to take Microsoft Teams for a test drive. Sign up here for free access to Teams.

Once you have registered your email address, you will be given free access to Teams with a license that is good through January of 2021.

Your internal IT department can get your business started by clicking here.

Freemium Vs Office 365 E1

Don’t be confused by the two free Teams offerings. Here is a quick guide to choosing the one that fits your needs best.


This version of Microsoft Teams offers:

Unlimited Chat

  • Easily reach other remote workers via Teams chat
  • Tag coworkers with the @notification feature
  • Teams activities will show up in your email, so no one misses a thing.

Audio and Video Calling

Face to face meetings or audio calls are part of the Freemium version of Teams, but the option to schedule a meeting isn’t available yet. Calls are easily made from the chat screens, however, and are very reminiscent of Skype for ease of use and call quality.

Unlimited Users

As of March 10th, Microsoft lifted user limits for its Freemium version.

File Storage

This option for free access to Microsoft Teams includes storage…and lots of it. You will receive 10GB of team file storage along with 2 GB of personal file storage for each user.

Preview Other Popular Office Apps

The Freemium version will come with other popular Office apps including the web version of PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and, of course, Word.

Office 365 E1

This plan is more comprehensive, but it will require communication with an account representative and there are a few other requirements for free access to Teams via Office 365 E1. Iconic IT will be glad to guide you in getting set up if you contact us.

Office 365 E1 offers Teams, of course, but also includes:

Email and calendars

Microsoft Outlook is the email client to have. It offers seamless integration of calendar and email including notifications of upcoming meetings so you never miss a thing.

Automated workflows

Synchronize your employees’ files, notifications, data collection, and more across all Microsoft applications.

Increased file storage of up to 1 TB per user

Microsoft 365 E1 offers enough storage for all employees to keep working productively, wherever they are.

Access on all devices

Microsoft makes it easy to access all applications, including Teams, across all devices.

Microsoft Unveils Plans to Keep Platforms Running Despite Increased Global Usage

Microsoft understands that there may be some issues with more people working remotely and relying on their free access to Teams. Microsoft has been put to the test in China and has remained virtually unimpacted by the 500% increase in Teams users there. Microsoft is also juggling a 200% increase in mobile users running the Teams platform, and there have been no service continuity issues.

Service Continuity Issues

Microsoft has proactively addressed service continuity concerns in several ways:

  • Reducing the scope of incidents: Microsoft continuously monitors its services to check for repeat occurrences of service continuity issues, then separates and addresses the issues.
  • Fault isolation: Microsoft identifies the origins of continuity issues, separating the affected systems to keep them isolated.
  • Active design: Microsoft routes its traffic around any existing continuity issues so the platform remains running even if part of it is experience problems.

What Microsoft’s Proactive Service Continuity Means for Your Business

Microsoft has addressed concerns about the platform’s ability to keep up with demand by assuring customers that, despite the increased demand on its systems, your business and employees will not see any decreases in quality or service.

Ready to Sign Up For Free Access to Teams?

Iconic IT loves Microsoft Teams. This platform keeps us connected across all locations and departments, working productively without missing a beat.

With the uncertainty of coronavirus, it’s unclear how long your employees may be working remotely. Microsoft is keeping your business up, running and connected with Teams.

Let Iconic IT help your business take advantage of this free access to Teams. Contact us today.


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