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Cybersecurity Services 
Keep Your Company Data Secure

One of the biggest concerns of small to medium-sized businesses like yours is cybersecurity. And with good reason: 60% of businesses, just like yours, will have to close their doors permanently after just one cyberattack, and cyberattacks against smaller businesses increased 425% in 2018 alone. Cybersecurity services have never been more important than they are right now.

How do you keep your network protected and your employees and customers safe in a world of evolving cybercrime? Boxed security solutions aren’t enough; you need a team of cybersecurity experts in your corner to help you fight the bad guys.

Iconic IT has developed Iconic Fortify, a comprehensive two-tiered cybersecurity platform that combines cutting-edge anti-virus software with a Security Operations Center to provide you with the best cybersecurity services in the business. And that’s just the start.

Iconic IT’s Zero-Trust Approach to Cybersecurity 

A zero-trust network assumes that every device and user is a potential threat to the network. The mindset of zero-trust is “never trust, always verify.”  This is the mindset that Iconic IT adopts in our own security as well as for our clients. 

We use several layers of cybersecurity to deploy a zero-trust environment. 


Iconic IT routinely monitor all event logs and activity. Without this step, businesses won’t be aware of a breach until it is too late.  

Verify User Identity 

How can you trust that the person logging into the network is who they say there are? Iconic IT’s zero-trust networks use multi-factor authentication to verify identities, and then manage access to data based on the user’s “need to use.” 

Safe Access 

Starting at the bottom is a good approach to a zero-trust environment. When your users log in, they need a secure process to do so. Iconic IT provides users the resources they need for secure log-ins. 

Iconic IT professionals are uniquely qualified to design comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for your business.  In fact, Iconic IT is pleased to have the expertise of a CISSP certified specialist on our team, one of the most elite cybersecurity certifications in the IT industry. We will help you plan your strategies and solutions, and we will be with you every step of the way to put those solutions to work for you.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is multi-layered protection from cyberattacks for all of your networks, devices, and programs. Targeted cybersecurity support services focus on employee awareness, cyberattack simulations, disaster backup and data recovery, and protecting your network from internal and external attacks.

There are multiple kinds of cyberattacks. Some of the most common ones are:

Malware, or malicious software, currently accounts for nearly half of all cyberattacks. Malware includes Trojans, spyware, worms, and viruses.

  • Trojans: Usually found in software applications, Trojans allow other malware to get a foothold in your network.
  • Spyware: Spyware infections allow unauthorized third parties to track credit cards, passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data. Spyware “eavesdrops” on your network’s users.
  • Viruses: Viruses spread throughout the computer network, rendering files unusable and sometimes damaging the hardware as well.
  • Worms: Similar to viruses, worms spread from one infected machine to the next until the entire network is compromised.

A devastating type of malware that deserves a spotlight of its own, ransomware is a targeted cyberattack that blocks users from accessing the network until a large sum of money is paid. Ransomware “kidnaps” your network.

In May of 2019, Baltimore City’s government fell victim to a ransomware attack known as “RobinHood.” The city refused to pay the ransom, choosing to restore their network from the ground up. Between the cost of rebuilding the network, loss of productivity, and lost revenues, the city is estimated to have taken an $18 million hit.

In addition to the financial implications of this attack, Baltimore City admits that a lot of data has been irretrievably lost. Before the incident, the city chose to ignore multiple warnings that its lack of cybersecurity services was leaving its network open to attacks.

Accounting for nearly a quarter of all cyberattacks, social engineering is a sophisticated tool for hackers to trick unsuspecting users into giving away sensitive data. Social engineering makes any link, attachment, or even web page seem legitimate.

Employees are often the target for social engineering, with a focus on:

  • Baiting: Hackers promise the user an incredible offer if they click on the link that is “too good to be true.”
  • Phishing: Phishing is a general term covering several types of email scams. The purpose of phishing is usually to make the user feel a sense of urgency to convince them to click on a link that seems legitimate. Credentials, social security numbers, and other sensitive data can be stolen through phishing attacks.
  • Pretexting: Pretexting is similar to phishing. The email will claim that the employee needs to give some tidbit of personal or company-related information for what may seem to be a legitimate cause, such as updating a database.


Distributed Denial of Service involves botnets that crush your bandwidth and jam your website traffic. Hackers using DDoS to crash your company’s website are usually disgruntled employees or business rivals.

DDoS only accounts for around 5 percent of cyberattacks but is still estimated to cost millions in lost revenue and productivity every year.

The theft of an employee’s credentials can be traced back to weak password requirements or lack of cyber awareness on the part of the employee. This is just one of the levels of security your managed services cybersecurity plan will address.

A cybercriminal can hack your systems and send out viruses to your clients and customers using suspicious links, spamming, and malvertising. These don’t directly affect your network, but they can have real-world consequences for consumers.

  • Malvertising: Ads that look legitimate, but when they are clicked will redirect the user to a fake website or install a virus into their personal computers
  • Spamming: Sending multiple fake emails to the customers on your email list to try to redirect them away from your site, coerce them to reveal sensitive data, or install viruses into their systems.

These are usually the result of an employee opening a suspicious link or email, which sets the chain in motion with a click.

What to Look for In an MSP

Cybersecurity Managed Services

In a world where cyberattacks continue to evolve in frequency and sophistication, more and more companies are turning to cybersecurity consulting services. No matter the size or industry of your business, you will benefit from the experience of professionals to keep your network up and running. There are a lot of cybersecurity services out there. How do you know which one is best for your company’s unique needs?

At a minimum, your cybersecurity team should offer:

  • Protection of assets from cybercrime activity
  • A response plan following a cyberattack incident
  • A backup plan to recover all lost or stolen data
  • Early warning detection of potential cyberattacks
  • Consistent, on-going evaluation of potential cybersecurity threats
  • Blanket protection of all business-related hardware, including mobile devices
  • Remote or onsite support services

A Special Note

Employee Cybersecurity Education Programs

With over 47 percent of security breaches coming from employee error, a targeted employee cybersecurity educational program is one of the most important parts of a successful managed cybersecurity services plan.

Look for cybersecurity managed services firms that offer employee education as part of the onboarding process, as well as routinely throughout the year. Education should cover topics such as:

  • Password protection
  • Two-step authentication programs
  • Limiting access to sensitive data to only those who need it
  • Phishing and email awareness programs
  • Recognizing suspicious links and emails
  • Knowing how to report suspicious links or emails

Iconic IT Cybersecurity Services

Iconic IT’s cybersecurity services provide professional managed cybersecurity services to companies of all sizes across all industries. Iconic knows you don’t have time for costly breaches and system downtime.

No two businesses are the same, so Iconic IT offers packages designed for
your specific cybersecurity needs. We offer:

Perimeter Security – Firewall

A firewall is protection designed to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your networks. Firewalls use a set of predetermined security restrictions to monitor both incoming and outgoing network traffic for compliance.


Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is an organized system for identifying potential threats. It’s an ongoing process that evolves as your business evolves. Vulnerability management balances risks and solutions to keep your network safe.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security, or endpoint protection, refers to tightening the security of your devices, including laptops, tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. These devices allow access to your network and serve as entry points for malicious attacks on your systems.

Microsoft Security Solutions

Iconic IT will update and manage your Microsoft security systems as part of your total security package. Microsoft is a leader in software development and security solutions.

Phishing Attack Simulations

Iconic IT’s managed cybersecurity services know that the best way to protect employees from falling for phishing scams is to see how they react to them. As part of ongoing employee training, phishing attack simulations are an important way to gauge your employees’ reactions to scammers, hackers, and other malicious email hacking attempts.


Managed Security

Your network is constantly at risk. Iconic delivers up-to-the-minute solutions to keep your systems protected and your operations running smoothly.


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Cybersecurity Training

Educating your staff is one of Iconic’s highest priorities. From malicious links to infected attachments, do your employees know how to spot an attempted hack? Education includes password best practices, understanding the sophisticated ways hackers can make malicious links look legitimate, and spotting phishing attempts.


Spam Filtering

Per Talos, spam messages can reach an astounding 400 billion globally per day. Each message is a potential cyberattack—a ticking time bomb waiting for someone to open an attachment or click a link. Iconic IT knows that spam filtering is an important part of an effective managed services cybersecurity plan.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Iconic knows that an important part of a cybersecurity services strategy is requiring two-factor authorization (MFA) programs for everyone who has access to your company’s network. 2FA incorporates “what you know,” or your password, along with “something only you possess,” such as a mobile device. It’s estimated that switching your company’s login procedures to include 2FA can cut successful cyberattacks by over 99 percent.


Email Encryption

Encryption is the art of disguising content so it can’t be read by anyone other than the intended recipient. Iconic IT understands that sensitive data—such as social security numbers or financial information—are especially vulnerable to spyware. Email encryption is another added layer of security Iconic uses for its managed services cybersecurity strategy.

DNS Web Filtering

When you have the right filtering, the wrong things won’t get through. Without one of the most important types of IT security services such as this, cyber threats that should have been filtered out could cause all sorts of harm to your business—from downtime and loss of funds to loss of customer trust and employee turnover.

AI-Based Anti-Virus

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, will make sure you’re always covered. AI makes it so you automatically get IT security services as soon as required. No waiting until an issue goes from bad to worse—rather, the problem can be scanned for, prevented, and/or taken care of before it even becomes an issue. That’s smart tech.


24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Ever get frustrated that you can’t get in touch with someone who can help when you really need it? That won’t happen with us. Reach out anytime—we’re always there for you, especially when you’re in a pinch.

Email/Spam Filtering

So many cyberattacks can stem from something you use in the office every day: your inbox. When your email is secured, you won’t have to worry so much about malware, phishing scams, and more.


24/7 Network Monitoring

We’re always on the clock so you don’t have to be. This proactive approach sees to it that someone is always looking out for your business. Clients of our IT security services can almost feel their stress melting away when they have such a far-reaching safety net ensuring the dangers that lurk online are caught in their tracks—before it’s too late.

Security Patching

Holes in your network and in the IT security services of your last provider could bring on a number of unwanted messes for your business via its technology. Let us patch these windows into your system so leaks don’t become future headaches!

Application Updates

Did you know outdated tech can be a vulnerability when it comes to cybersecurity? We make sure your applications are up-to-date so your daily business activities can keep running smoothly.


Firewalls will be the walls that keep out any unwelcome activity at your company. You never know when users could be clicking into something they shouldn’t—whether accidentally or maliciously, from inside or outside the organization.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When something goes wrong, you don’t have to panic if you’re armed with our comprehensive IT security services. We can recover lost data so you have a backup plan in place and can bounce back more easily than you’d think.


Dark Web Monitoring

These days, with all the developments in the digital world, dangers can creep around every corner. The Internet houses a dark web whose sketchy information-stealing and illegal selling activities aren’t always known in time—unless you have experts on your side.


Security & Awareness Training

You may be surprised to read that employees account for the majority of breaches and viruses that befall a company—especially when it comes to small businesses. Automatically enhance the protection at your organization when your staff is properly trained on the latest threats.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service is a complete cloud solution that covers all cloud-based applications. Organizations save money by not having to purchase software licenses, developmental tools, applications, and other resources. Companies using PaaS will only be responsible for the services or applications they develop; the cloud services provider will manage every other aspect of your PaaS needs.


Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Our scans offer the monitoring you need to be confident your patches are in place where they need to be—and where protection could still be missing.

Penetration Testing Engagement

On any given day, could you be sure you know just how strong your company’s tech safety measures are? Do you know how easy or difficult it might be for a hacker to get into your most sensitive information (and do whatever they wish with it)? When you get more engaged in the security of your business, you’re less likely to experience a cyber disaster.

Security Policy Creation

Our IT security services don’t stop at fixing problems. We’re also big on strategy and can help your business with the bigger picture. When you bring us on, we will assist you in putting together a plan to keep your network and systems safe—along with tips and tricks for encouraging employees to stick to it, as compliance is key.



About Our Work Together

Prior to hiring Iconic IT, our previous IT provider didn't have time for us. They were not available when we needed them and didn’t address our issues of aging hardware, inefficient connectivity, poor communication, and lack of cybersecurity. We had outgrown them and were looking for an IT services provider that would grow with us and provide the solutions we needed to stay secure and connected.

BTI began to realize that our old IT provider was no longer able to keep up with our IT challenges and needs. BTI was looking for an IT provider that would work alongside our existing IT department. We needed to find a way to support our servers and monitor our network and take some of the burden off the small internal IT department.

Tim M., BTI (Bucklin Tractor and Implement Company)

"For small businesses, dealing with IT issues can be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. During the last year in which we have been outsourcing our IT work to Iconic IT, that stress and anxiety has been eliminated. I appreciate their work in setting our company on a plan that fits not only our needs but also our budget. I would encourage any small business owner to contact Iconic IT to find out how Iconic IT can eliminate your IT headache."

– Kent M., Small Business Owner

"Thank you so much for all of your efforts in meeting our needs and thinking ahead of the curve for us. You are appreciated here at Evans & Fox LLP and the work you constantly do to make our operation systems fully functional in meeting our needs. Once again, we thank you for all that you do, and continue to do, for all of us here."

– Richard E., Legal

"It is great to have an IT company that will take a problem off your hands and take care of it from beginning to end."

– Mike T., Financial Business

“Rapid response and friendly service!”

– Gary T., Financial Business

Other Services

Iconic IT doesn’t stop there. We proudly offer even more great advantages for our cybersecurity services clients, including:

  • Protection of assets from cybercrime activity
  • A response plan following a cyberattack incident
  • A backup plan to recover all lost or stolen data
  • Early warning detection of potential cyberattacks
  • Consistent, on-going evaluation of potential cybersecurity threats
  • Blanket protection of all business-related hardware, including mobile devices
  • Remote or onsite support services

What Can Iconic IT Do for You?

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No matter the size of your company or the type of industry you service, you are at risk for cyberattacks. Iconic IT is the best choice for managed services cybersecurity.

It all starts with a risk free, no obligation consultation that includes a dark web scan (a $695 value). Find out how Iconic IT’s cybersecurity solutions can help you stay connected and protected.

Don’t wait until you are the victim of a cyberattack. Contact us today.