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Iconic IT Chooses IRONSCALES for Email security: Here’s Why

A simple Google search will take you to any number of email security software options, from free versions to outlandishly expensive ones. When you’re searching for the most effective email security platform, they all claim to be the best and most comprehensive. It’s like going to coffee shops and finding each one claims to have “The Best Coffee in the City.” 

When you’re looking for the best coffee in the city, chances are you’ll ask for recommendations from people who live there. After all, they are the ones who have explored every coffee shop in town, and they know which one is the best.

Likewise, the pros at Iconic IT have explored many different email security platforms, and we chose IRONSCALES as the best of the bunch.

Here’s why Iconic IT chose IRONSCALES as part of its complete IT security services.

IRONSCALES Prevents Business Email Compromise

One of the biggest threats currently facing businesses is business email compromise, also known as spear-phishing. The goal of BEC is to trick the receiver of the email into giving away sensitive information or sending money to phony accounts. The weapon is an email cleverly disguised as having originated from a high-level executive within the company.

IRONSCALES looks for language that typical BEC attacks use, and alerts employees who open the emails of suspicious activities within the message such as a sense of urgency, incorrect domain, grammatical errors, and other red flags.

IRONSCALES analyzes user email behaviors, looking for patterns to help stop threats. IRONSCALES uses smart automation and human discernment for spear phishing detection, putting it far ahead of legacy email security platforms. IRONSCALES is backed by Themis, an AI powered virtual analyst, continuously learning and adapting to emerging threats.

IRONSCALES Email security Provides Fast Detection and Remediation

Cyber criminals work fast; IRONSCALES works faster.

Phishing attempts need quick detection, quick resolution, and quick alerting. IRONSCALES finds and remediates phishing attacks across your entire organization within minutes. You need IT security services that provide more than detection; your email security needs to act fast. IRONSCALES delivers.

IRONSCALES is also fast to set up and will work alongside your existing applications including Microsoft, Exchange, and G-mail. It also works across all your devices.

IRONSCALES features automation, allowing the program to group similar phishing attempts, report them, and remove them far faster than most other email security platforms.

IRONSCALES Provides Continuously Evolving Threat Updates

IRONSCALES is crowd-sourced, gaining information in real-time from other users and experts in the cybersecurity landscape. Instead of relying on the threats detected by your organization alone, IRONSCALES provides alerts and threat detection from users across the globe. This decentralized approach keeps your organization’s email security ahead of evolving threats.

IRONSCALES Email Security Features Themis, an Advanced Autonomous AI Analyst

IRONSCALES takes email security to the next level with Themis, its advanced autonomous AI SOC analyst. Themis learns continuously, taking note of threats discovered in millions of emails world-wide. She examines each incident and pairs it with other customers’ and experts’ analysis of the threat, categorizing it appropriately, such as spam, phishing, or false positives. Themis then recommends the appropriate course of action to your security teams.

IRONSCALES uses machine learning to create algorithms for anomaly detection. These algorithms are based on past email communications and data collected from the email itself. This gives IRONSCALES an edge over other email security platforms that traditionally only look for virus signatures.

Iconic IT Trusts the Security of IRONSCALES for Our Employees and Clients

After looking at the competition, Iconic IT chose IRONSCALES hands down over other email security platforms. Its combination of real-time threat detection, continuous threat information updates from across the globe, automated response, and its AI backed learning model, Themis, means this is one platform that will save time while providing the cutting-edge technology and IT security today’s businesses need.

If you would like more information about IRONSCALES or any of Iconic IT’s cybersecurity strategies to keep your company safer, reach out to one of our friendly experts and they will be happy to tell you more.  You can request a free, no risk, no obligation consultation and IT security assessment with a free dark web scan (a $695 value), and let Iconic IT show you how IRONSCALES can help your organization.

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