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Prevention Is the Best DefenseDark Web Monitoring

Outside of the innocent world of kitten videos, business websites, and celebrity tweets (the surface web) is a dim, shadow-filled place called the dark web. It’s hard to imagine that a place exists where criminals buy and sell stolen credentials and post terrifying subject matter on a regular basis, but it does.

And it’s scarier than you think. A cyberattack will leave your information exposed to any number of bad actors on the dark web who are ready to steal identities, sell company secrets, leave you ransomware demands, and engage in other disturbing acts. There are no rules here, and dark web monitoring is your only defense.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

The dark web isn’t a place most people visit on the internet. In fact, to get to this little-understood area of the web, you need to use special web browsers called VPNs or a service called Tor.

This seedy internet platform is called “dark” for several reasons:

Illicit videos
Criminal activity
It’s invisible to common web browsers such as Google
Dealing with actors in the dark web can be dangerous
Criminals can buy and sell malware

It’s estimated that Google has only indexed four percent of all available information on the internet. The “deep web” consists of information that can only be directly accessed with a URL and can include databases and academic research pages. While harder to find, information on the deep web is accessible to those who have the URLs or links to the information.

Underneath the surface web and the deep web lives the dark web. It’s not clear exactly how large the dark web is because there is no way to track the sites and traffic.

Dark web monitoring involves scanning the dark web routinely to make sure your business, your employees, and your network cannot be found on the dark web. If your information is discovered, you will be alerted and steps can be taken to stop the potential damage.

Why Your Business Needs

Iconic IT Monitoring

There are many free dark web monitoring services available, but they are limited in scope and action. These services employ a “too little, too late” approach to dark web exposure. By the time the breach is discovered, stolen information is already on the dark web and there is no stopping the resulting shockwaves. None of these services offer any real-world solutions for your business after its information has been found on the dark web.

Iconic IT uses dark web monitoring as an additional tool in a bigger, more comprehensive security strategy toolbox. Prevention is the best defense, but immediate detection and rapid remediation are necessary if your information is found on the dark web. Iconic IT moves quickly to minimize the damages done by dark web exposure. We believe in employee training, reliable backup and recovery plans, secure connections, and continuous dark web monitoring to keep your valuable information right where it belongs: in your network.


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Partnering with Iconic IT means you can focus on the important things, like growing your business. Iconic IT offers a free, no-obligation consultation to show you that we just do things better. We can keep your network running securely by including dark web monitoring as a routine part of an effective security package. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact us today.