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2021 DFW Nonprofit Champion Award

Do you believe in the mission of a nonprofit so much that you would nominate them for an award? Do you donate and volunteer at a local nonprofit and want to recognize them for their magnificent work? We do too! Over 19 years we’ve been privileged to work with many fantastic nonprofits providing them with technology leadership but we wanted to do more. We have donated money, done in-kind donations, and have been volunteers for most, if not all, of our nonprofit clients/partners but we wanted to get the word out about the wonderful things that our local nonprofits are doing for our community.

In 2017, an Iconic IT Founder, Jeff Howard, wanted to fully embrace Iconic IT’s mission of “making a positive difference for customers, employees, and the community;” he set out on a mission to find out how local nonprofits work. After interviewing many nonprofit leaders in DFW, he was amazed at how much he didn’t know about all the incredible organizations that are making a difference in our community. Therefore, he created the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award. An annual award to be gifted to a DFW nonprofit that makes a difference in the community.

For the last several years we, as an organization, have been inspired by one of our client’s dedication to a local nonprofit he is passionate about. He had purchased and donated a PC for them and came to our all-hands employee huddle to raise money and recruit volunteers. The gentleman is now the chairman on the board. His passion and promotion of his favorite local nonprofit gave us the inspiration for the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award. We know others in the community contribute to nonprofits with their resources of time and money and have a passion for seeing that organization achieve its mission.

We want to hear from our clients, employees, and the community and have you all nominate a DFW nonprofit that embraces the spirit of a champion and is an organization that brings a positive difference to our community. We would love to hear your story on why your favorite nonprofit should be awarded our first annual award. Our goal is to recognize, reward, and showcase local nonprofits yearly for the wonderful work they do for our DFW community.

Check out our 2019 Winner, Hope Farms.

Please submit your nonprofit in hopes of becoming our 2021 DFW Nonprofit Champion. We’re taking submissions until September 2021. We plan on narrowing down the finalists and reaching out to the nonprofits to hear more of their stories and their missions. The 2021 NCA recipient will be spotlighted on our website and receive an in-kind donation from Iconic IT.