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Emergency IT Support:  
24/7 IT Support Services

Your network won’t wait until business hours to experience a problem; why should your IT support services wait to solve it?  

 With Iconic 24/7 emergency IT support services, businesses will always have a technician available when they need it, even in the middle of the night. This service means your IT team can start the remediation process as soon as an issue happens and get your business back up and running as soon as possible. 

 Businesses no longer work in a traditional “9 to 5” model, and some businesses and industries are open 24 hours a day. Every minute that your network is down means money, time, and productivity lost. After hours IT support is a necessity. Choosing Iconic IT’s 24/7 emergency IT support services gives you peace of mind in knowing your business can be back up and running as soon as possible, whenever the problem strikes, so you don’t miss a beat. 

 Your Iconic IT technicians are ready to help you, 24/7, with efficient remote emergency IT support services that are ready to start restoring your network immediately, whenever you need them. Ready to see the Iconic IT 24/7 emergency support services difference? Schedule your free, no-obligation chat now and find out how choosing Iconic IT’s 24/7 support services can take the worry out of your after-hours IT headaches. 

What Are Remote IT

Support Services?

Remote IT support services involve a trained, professional IT guru accessing your computer from their office or workstation. He or she will diagnose your issue in one of several ways:

Phone or video calls:

The first step your emergency IT support technician will take is most likely a simple phone call or video chat. If the problem is simple enough, he may be able to talk you through the solution.

Screen sharing:

If the problem or solution is too hard to communicate, the remote IT support team may turn to screen sharing. The answers easier may be easier to understand if the tech can show you the solution in real time.

Remote access:

Many times, remote IT services will gain remote access to the computer itself to diagnose and fix the problem. This allows them to look at the problem “from the inside out” and repair the issue. Always be sure you are using reputable remote IT support services before allowing access to your computer.

Your remote emergency IT services provider will use a combination of these solutions to fix the problem quickly and cause as little disruption to your workflow as possible.

Reasons Remote IT Support

Is a Great Solution

Budget-Friendly Answers

Remote emergency IT support services are generally included in an external IT package. This means you aren’t paying full-time IT employees an average of $42k per year (plus benefits) to “stand around and wait” for something to happen. Additionally, using remote IT support saves you the costs associated with an “office call.”


Your remote support team will bring years of experience to your network issues. They stay up to date on the latest trends in software and techniques. Your team is just a phone call away with the answers you need, whenever you need them.

Rapid IT Emergency Services Response

Remote emergency IT support is just a phone call away. No time is wasted scheduling a visit to the office with an IT technician. The tech will get to work on the issue immediately.

After Hours Support

Generally, your IT support team is on-call 24/7. No matter what time your network or hardware fails, there will be someone available to tackle the problem.

Minimal Disruption

Your employees have enough on their plates. When a single system is down, remote IT support can target efforts to the affected system with minimal disruption to your other employees’ workflow.

Cooperative Support With Your Internal IT Team

You may have someone assigned to the routine maintenance of your systems and hardware. Remote IT support services will work directly with your internal IT team cooperatively to solve your IT emergencies.

Outsourcing your emergency IT services can be a cost-effective, time-saving solution to extensive, costly downtime. But what if you prefer a more hands-on, in-person experience? Onsite support services might be the answer to your company’s needs.

What Are

Onsite IT Support Services?

Some IT emergencies are too complex to be fixed remotely. If the problem is hardware-related, you will need a trained technician to come directly to your office. Onsite IT support services are necessary when remote emergency services aren’t appropriate.

Onsite IT support services allow a trained professional to come to your office with an arsenal of tools to tackle your computer or network issues.

Your managed IT services provider will offer onsite diagnostic and repair services as well as remote solutions. An onsite IT support call may include upgrading memory, fixing failed hard drives, SSD updates, broken computer parts, and even cleaning the hardware from dust, debris, or spills.

Like remote IT support services, onsite support services have many benefits for your company.

Reasons Onsite IT Support

Is a Great Solution

Thorough Solutions

Bringing a trained IT professional directly to the source of the issue means that an experienced technician will be diagnosing and repairing the problem personally. Most will look into other issues while they are there to make sure all your systems are running smoothly.

It’s Easier to Communicate Face-to-Face

If it seems like trained IT professionals are speaking a completely different language, it’s because they are. It’s not always easy to communicate issues or solutions remotely. Onsite IT support services can give you a better understanding of what went wrong, what was done to solve the problem, and what you or your employees can do if the problem happens again.

Hardware Can’t Be Fixed Remotely

If your emergency IT support issue involves software or a network malfunction, remote IT support services can usually handle the problem. If your issues involve hardware malfunctions such as nonfunctioning drives, outdated equipment, depleted memory, or even coffee spilled across the hard drive, you will need an onsite IT support visit from a technician. He or she will bring a wide variety of tools to diagnose the issues and fix them immediately.

Monitor Progress in Real Time

If you are on a phone call with remote IT support, you may be placed on hold or told the tech will “call you right back.” This can be frustrating when you aren’t sure how  much downtime you are facing and have no way to see what is being done in real time. Your onsite support services technician can keep you updated throughout the process, eliminating the “hurry up and wait” part of repair services.

“Hey, While You’re Here

Most support tech gurus have no problem taking a quick look at other concerns you may have while they are there. This is a valuable tool for stopping smaller problems from becoming big ones.


When you bring in an onsite IT support tech to your office, they can fly solo with little or no direction from your or your employees. Remote IT support may require you to remain in contact with the tech on the phone or video call while they diagnose and solve your issues.

No matter the scope of your IT emergency, Iconic’s remote IT support services or onsite IT support teams have you covered. We can help you diagnose your emergency and get you the help you need to quickly recover from unplanned downtime.


See what we’re all about...

“ Reduced the amount of staff time consumed with IT issues with better (much better) problem resolution results.”

— Katherine Wallace, Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School

“ Our company now has an IT department that we can afford. Saves managers from spending time on business instead of an area we are not experts in. Not having to deal with these disruptions allows us to provide better member service.”

— Gary Torres, Equishare Credit Union

“ Iconic IT’s technician didn't quit until he had a solution. Very diligent and spoke in general terms versus making me feel stupid.”

— Sharlene Steward, ICI (Insurance Center Incorporated)

“ These guys are top-notch! They are responsive, professional, and perfectly handled the IT needs my new company needed at a very sensitive time. They made me feel as if I was their only client and took great care of us. I would highly recommend them.”

— Jessica Uphoff

In addition to remote IT support services and onsite IT support, Iconic offers managed services packages that include:

  • Firewall
  • Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
  •  Business Continuity Solutions
    (Backup/Disaster Recovery)
  •  Spam Filtering
  •  24/7 Network/Server/Workstation Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Network Documentation
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Phishing Simulations
  • Security & Awareness Training

Ready to See

How Iconic Can Save Your Business from Unplanned Downtime?

No business is ready for a systems failure or hardware crash. When it happens, it’s always unexpected and devastating to employee productivity and your finances. Don’t wait for an emergency to have your plan in place.

Contact us today to explore our emergency IT support services, including our remote IT support and onsite IT support packages.