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Secure Every Device in Your OrganizationNext-Generation Endpoint Protection

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated—they now have the ability to sneak past many standardized security features of a network and devastate it before anyone even knows they are there.

Firewall, anti-virus software, and spam filters aren’t enough for your network’s security anymore. It’s time to upgrade to cutting-edge next-generation endpoint protection.

What Is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoints are the devices that are connected remotely to your network. Your company has multiple endpoints, and each one is an opportunity for cybercriminals to attack your business. If your company uses desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices, you have endpoints—and increased odds of a cyberattack. Even your printers or POS platforms are at risk.

Endpoint security covers every device in your organization, protecting your network from hackers. Unfortunately, not all endpoint protections are created equally. This means that if you aren’t using IT service management for your security, your endpoint protection may not be enough.

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, and your security strategy needs to evolve to meet the challenge. Next-generation endpoint security is cutting-edge protection for your network. It helps secure your data from cybercrimes, including:

Zero Day Exploits

Zero day exploits occur when a hacker detects a weakness in your organization’s security. The cybercriminal acts immediately on the weakness before it can be detected and patched.


Cyberattacks account for millions of dollars of lost revenue for businesses each year. The methods used can vary. Phishing, spam, and malware are common types of attacks.

Data Leaks

Data leaks occur when a hacker gains access to your network and steals sensitive data, including login information and passwords, proprietary secrets, or your clients’ financial information. These leaks are usually unintentionally caused by employees and lax security.

The more devices you have connected to your network, the more your threat increases.

Why Your Business Needs

Iconic IT Endpoint Protection

Many anti-virus software packages promise endpoint protection as part of their business cybersecurity packages but fall short of being able to deliver real solutions in the face of today’s sophisticated cyberthreats. A comprehensive security solution from Iconic IT will give your network the protection it needs in the ever-evolving world of cybercrime.

Iconic IT provides you with real-world solutions to keep your network’s devices protected and running smoothly. Our security packages are scalable, growing with your business and the latest trending cyberthreats.


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Iconic IT Can Help Your Business

Each day you rely on outdated, weak, “boxed” security packages is another day you give cybercriminals the upper hand.

As your preferred IT service management choice, Iconic IT will assess your business to provide your network with the best next-generation endpoint protection options available. Iconic IT will customize a security package for your organization’s needs that is within your budget. Fill out this form for your free, no-obligation consultation to see how Iconic IT can provide you with cutting-edge next-generation endpoint protection.