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Hardware Firewalls and DNS Filtering
Your Network Needs Both a Hardware Firewall and DNS Filtering for Complete Protection


FirewallA managed firewall includes two important “bricks:”

Hardware firewalls are physical devices that filter traffic coming to your network. They attempt to decide on whether EXISTING connections are good or malicious, and make decisions to stop or allow the traffic.

    1. DNS filtering is a complimentary software that protects your network internally by inspecting a user’s request to access new websites and deciding BEFORE the connection is made to drop any malicious sites.
    2. A managed firewall includes both a hardware firewall and a software firewall to protect your network from the outside as well as from the inside. Without both, you will have security gaps that can cause you big problems.

Why Do I Need a Hardware Firewall?

Hardware firewalls protect your network from external threats with a physical device that is installed between your internet connection and your network. This device monitors data as it is transmitted, either blocking it or allowing it to be transferred according to a set of predefined rules.

Hardware firewalls act as the first line of defense between your network and the outside world. Without these devices, malicious traffic would be allowed directly into your network. Hardware firewalls are an important step in a managed firewall, but they are far more effective when paired with DNS filtering.

What is DNS Filtering?

DNS (Domain Name System) allows users to find pages and sites by common domain names, such as, rather than having to type in the target’s IP address to find web resources. lf a page or IP address is known to be malicious, a DNS filter will not allow the user to connect to it.

DNS web filtering is another layer of protection like your anti-virus. DNS filtering will:

  • Block malicious IP Addresses
  • Block phishing websites even AFTER an employee is tricked into clicking on the link
  • Keep users from accessing questionable material while using a protected device
  • Provide ongoing assessment of new and changing sites
  • Help make it easier for users to make the right choices when accessing websites

Without DNS filtering, your employees could be tricked into visiting malicious sites or even accessing questionable content on company devices.

Iconic IT gives extra layers of protection to your managed firewall by combining a hardware firewall with DNS filtering, blocking threats from both the outside and internally. You can learn more about our firewall protections with a free, no-obligation, ten-minute chat today.



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Cybercrime Protection

This technology can thwart viruses, malware, and other types of malicious hacking attacks that could cause real harm to your company. Getting a properly managed firewall in place is worth it—preventing these threats can mean salvaged sensitive data, funds, reputation, and more for your business. Trust us, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late to utilize this best practice trusted around the globe by countless companies just like yours.

Monitoring 24/7

Reduce the ever-looming risk that your network could be compromised due to the various dangers that come with this digital age. Taking advantage of a managed firewall means you’ll always have someone looking out for you. Having a team with years of experience on your side at all times means you don’t have to worry. If something looks fishy, we can help stop it before something goes awry. Feel safer knowing things won’t slip past you this way.

Certified Experts

When it comes to finding a team that really knows their stuff, rest assured knowing that Iconic IT’s team of seasoned professionals is backed by a network of what was once four individual teams: Live Consulting, Networking Results, Capstone IT, and Choose Networks.

When we all came together to form one company, the massive network of knowledge quadrupled in size. Now, our clients get a more comprehensive approach. Where else can you go for a managed firewall with the same level of know-how?


With 24/7 monitoring, we’re in your corner for the long run. We stay a cut ahead of the game so that we can discover potential issues before they arise, thereby providing a proactive advantage to our customers. You’ll be alerted when necessary so you feel like you are in the driver’s seat the whole time—with some veteran IT friends in the passenger seat guiding you, of course.

Our managed firewall reports are always easy to read, efficient, and conveniently packaged as an invaluable tool. Let us alleviate the pressure by helping look out for your company so that you’re never alone.


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