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IT Support for Your Healthcare Practice

We understand the importance of data storage and healthcare-specific technology.

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Recommends 10 Urgent Cybersecurity Practices That Organizations Working In Healthcare Should Implement Now

The healthcare industry is fast becoming the biggest target for cybercrime. In fact, 94% of healthcare facilities reported being the victims of a cyber attack in 2019.

The healthcare industry is targeted for the wealth of data stored in their networks. A dedicated hacker can gain access to dates of birth, financial and insurance information, social security numbers, and other sensitive patient data following a successful breach. The weapon of choice for healthcare cybercrime is ransomware because of its ease of deployment and overall effectiveness of the attack, but that doesn’t mean the hackers won’t use other malware attempts to breach your network.

HIPAA (the Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has stringent requirements in place for healthcare facilities to protect patient information, but the HHS (Health and Human Services) has released ten important cybersecurity practices to keep your network safe and compliant.

Healthcare IT Essentials Kit

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all the IT tools you need to get your practice compliant, secure, and running efficiently, including:

  • Cybersecurity Best Practices for Healthcare Organizations
  • On Demand Webinar – How to Stay HIPAA Compliant While Working from home and the office
  • HIPAA BYOD Policy for Healthcare
  • Telecommuting Audit & Policy for Healthcare
  • HIPAA Compliancy Checklist

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Technology for Healthcare Practices

  • Proactive network monitoring; Network Management
  • Practice Management software installation, upgrades and support
  • Computer hardware and software procurement
  • Network design, implementation
  • Unified voice and data communications through VoIP telephony
  • Office expansion, upgrades or re-locations
  • Data security (Firewalls, Antivirus, Data Backup)
  • Mobile and wireless solutions
  • Office cabling for phone and internet access
  • HIPAA Compliancy

Iconic IT provides network expertise and support for healthcare. We can integrate all digital data including imaging and x-rays, EHR (Electronic Health Records), tablets, and PCs. We also bring your practice into HIPAA cybersecurity compliancy by providing cutting-edge firewall, antivirus, email filters, and backup strategies.

Unlike some other MSPs, Iconic IT is an HIPAA/HITECH-defined Business Associate. This means that we understand all compliancy requirements for keeping your patient data secure. We deliver best-in-class technology along with strategies and solutions your practice needs whether you’re already established, looking to expand, or building your practice from the ground up.

Is your healthcare practice at risk for fines, penalties, or legal action? Be sure you’re in compliancy! Contact Iconic IT for a free, no risk, no obligation consultation today.

Free HIPAA Resources, Policies, and Checklists

Not Ready to Chat Yet? Here are Some Free Resources to Keep You HIPAA Compliant

Iconic IT has a mission; we want to see all health care practices HIPAA compliant, and all patient data secure. These free resources and checklists will help you maintain compliancy so you can focus on what you do best; helping your clients.

The resources on this page will give you a starting point for assessing the status of your practice’s HIPAA compliancy. These resources come from Iconic IT’s partnership with some of the top HIPAA compliancy experts across the nation.

Please feel free to download and utilize any of the information below–and to contact us directly if you have any questions you have about IT management and becoming HIPAA compliance. These free resources and checklists will help you maintain compliancy so you can focus on what you do best; helping your clients.

Staying HIPAA Compliant While Working from Home – Your remote workers aren’t exempt from HIPAA regulations. Protect them and your organization from costly violations. – READ ARTICLE

These free resources and checklists will help you maintain compliancy so you can focus on what you do best; helping your clients.

Download All!

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