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We Know Nonprofit IT 
We understand the importance of data storage and nonprofit-specific technology.


Nonprofit Technology Solutions

We at Iconic IT have learned through our nonprofit clients and their missions that growth is not always the measure of success. We provide a variety of technology to help nonprofits build the technical foundation that allows them to flourish in their various missions.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on businesses and individuals in our community. We participate in fundraisers to benefit those with cancer, distribute food on Thanksgiving, provide toys, blankets and socks at Christmas, and encourage our staff to become active servants in their own communities.

In addition to our personal contributions to various organizations, we also serve by providing technology to dozens of nonprofit organizations. We serve the groups that provide vocational services to adults with severe disabilities, those working with the needy in the mid-cities, and mission organizations that reach people all over the world.

Our purpose is simple, make a positive difference. Nonprofits do just that, make a difference.

  • Proactive network monitoring; Network Management
  • Practice Management software installation, upgrades and support
  • Computer hardware and software procurement
  • Network design, implementation
  • Unified voice and data communications through VoIP telephony
  • Office expansion, upgrades or re-locations
  • Data security (Firewalls, Antivirus, Data Backup)
  • Mobile and wireless solutions
  • Office cabling for phone and internet access
  • HIPAA Compliancy

Please contact us for more information about any of the outstanding products and services we can deliver to your health care or dental practice.


About Our Work Together

"We have been with Iconic IT since January 2018. Iconic IT has been very pro-active in safeguarding and managing our network system and has been instrumental in helping us with a new telephone (VOIP), internet, and security systems for our corporate location. Their team is always friendly and available by phone, and all of the Iconic IT staff are quick to respond and handle issues to their full conclusion and a great group of professionals!"

– Michellne M., Clayton Youth Enrichment

"Iconic IT is an integral part of our agency’s operation. Without them managing our network and connectivity, we could not solely focus on our guest’s needs here in the Fort Worth homeless community. Iconic IT offers a personal touch as well, customizing and incorporating the functions and options that are most critical to our housing advocates and case managers. If you stop to consider, our data is built on the history or stories of the lives we touch and interact with daily. How important are the lives of each of those individuals, how meaningful is their story, and what responsibility do we have to protect and manage their stories? Iconic IT makes this possible."

– Alex A, COO, Presbyterian Night Shelter

"Our nonprofit has been working closely with Iconic IT for many, many years now. The reason we never stray from Iconic IT is because of the amazing work they do for us, and the dedicated team they have built. We turn to Iconic IT for everything from everyday cybersecurity and IT questions, to finding resources in the community as a nonprofit. The services we receive from Iconic IT are unbeatable. They go above and beyond with every call we make to them to ensure we are thriving and staying secure. As a nonprofit, I would recommend Iconic IT to help fulfill your mission."

– Holland N. – Operations Manager, EXPANDCO

"Very quick and helpful! Thank you for making it a great choice to go with Iconic IT!"

– Tammy B., local nonprofit educator

"Iconic IT's talented team is both service and quality first! We work with their team from everything from normal day-to-day issues to extremely complex data center management issues and forward-thinking IT strategy and data security. Across all sectors, these guys are the best I have seen at execution, communication, and overall service and quality."

– Stan K., The Hope Center

"It gives me great pleasure to introduce a mission friendly partner of UGM Dallas, Iconic IT. If you wonder if your data isn’t secure enough, or worry about being hacked, connect with them. We were introduced to Iconic IT in 2018 when we attended an NTEN Nonprofit Risk Seminar. Shortly afterward we turned to Iconic IT and their remarkable staff as we evaluated the need to strengthen our IT security posture and deliver better IT support to our employees. With professional precision, deep product knowledge, and great foresight, Iocnic IT and their staff – from top to bottom – provided us with a remarkable experience. I strongly recommend Iconic IT to your Mission and Outreach."

– Bruce B., local nonprofit

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