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Whether you have an internal IT department or are looking to outsource your IT needs, every IT strategy needs a plan. Without professional IT consulting as your first step in your IT strategy, your plan won’t really fit your business. You will likely be spending unnecessary money on IT services you don’t need or software that doesn’t give you the services your business requires in order to stay up and running.

Consulting from a proper MSP should provide an overall analysis of your company’s IT needs, along with a strategy to help you find the right solutions—all while staying within your IT budget. Consulting goes beyond giving helpful advice; it is a planning process to address a company’s needs. Your IT consultant is a highly trained professional that weighs many factors when analyzing your company.

IT consulting is more than a good idea. For your business to thrive, it’s an absolute necessity. Read on for six ways utilizing this service can save your small- to medium-sized business some serious capital.

1. The Best IT Consulting Companies Will: Ready Your Staff to Protect Themselves Online

Your employees are both your best resource and your biggest cybersecurity threat. As part of an overall cybersecurity strategy, professional IT consulting will help teach your employees how to stay safe in an ever-evolving world of cyberthreats.

Cybersecurity Training Offered

The biggest part of a successful IT security strategy will involve employee awareness cybersecurity training. This training will cover important topics and trending cyberthreats, such as:

Not only will employees learn how to spot potentially dangerous email cyberattacks, but they will also learn what to do when faced with a suspicious email, including notifications and isolating the affected  device.

A reliable MSP will offer cybersecurity training as part of your overall IT strategy plan.

Help in Developing Safety Policies

A trusted IT consulting firm knows that prevention is the best defense when dealing with cyberattacks. Your overall IT strategy will include safety policies, as well as actionable, measurable ways to enforce them for the continued security of your network.

2. The Best IT Consulting Companies Will: Help With Your Move to the Cloud

There is a lot of talk about cloud computing, and for good reason. Cloud services save your company’s data to a remote, off-site location. The data is then accessible to authorized users, regardless of their own physical location.

When considering a cloud storage solution, you need to think about your business needs—including manageability, scalability, extensibility, and the adaptability of your cloud strategy.

A good IT consulting company will help with your move to the cloud, saving you time and money. Are you curious exactly how cloud storage can help your organization?

Running Servers In-House Can Be Costly

The switch to cloud computing will save your organization time and money in productivity and server maintenance costs. The cloud offers backup and disaster recovery solutions, mobile applications, scalability to match company growth, and added security.

Enables MSPs to Remote-In for Maintenance and Security Help

In-house servers not only take up a lot of data storage space; they frequently require internal IT departments to keep them up and running. Cloud computing allows MSPs to provide support services remotely, eliminating the need for a dedicated internal IT team—and the salaries that come with it.

3. The Best IT Consulting Companies Will: Guide You in Proper Prioritizing

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to your company’s IT requirements. IT consulting allows your organization to prioritize your IT needs and create solutions that work for you.

IT Consulting Means Choosing the Right Tools for Your Business

When you use professional consulting services to help you choose your IT strategy, you will save money by selecting only the tools you need and avoid the trap of choosing multiple preventative tools to prepare for attacks that may never happen.

Ultimately, it’s going to be more cost-effective to choose the best tool for your business and allow your IT professionals to deal with any breaches that may arise. It’s a waste of your IT budget to purchase multiple antivirus softwares and other programs that may or may not prevent cyberattacks.

IT Consulting Allows You to Focus Your IT Budget on Necessary Resources

An IT consulting session will clearly show you the things you should be targeting with your IT strategy. This allows you to focus on high-priority needs rather than spend money on resources your company doesn’t really need or won’t use.

4. The Best IT Consulting Companies Will: Give You a More Predictable, Controlled Budget

Your IT budget should be fixed and controlled. A detailed plan from an IT consulting firm shows you how much you can expect to spend on your monthly IT expenses.

Only Pay for Services You Use

When you choose to outsource the bulk of your IT needs, you will save money by only paying for the technology and services you need. Internal IT departments rely on paying a team in case an urgent technology emergency occurs, meaning they will not always have work to do.

Stop Small Problems From the Start

IT consulting also means you will have the tools and the professional technicians you need to monitor your network continuously. Your IT team will spot small problems and correct them before they become larger, more costly issues. Being proactive is an essential quality of a good MSP.

Blanket Coverage From Your MSP

Some businesses opt for a “break-fix” IT strategy and choose to call for help for individual problems as they occur. This can cost you significantly more money in unplanned expenses relating to data loss and security breaches.

When you pay an MSP for services, your needs will be covered under one lump sum rather than paying for emergency tech calls in the break-fix IT model. In addition, you will save money by bundling your IT tools under one plan rather than paying for each service separately.

5. The Best IT Consulting Companies Will: Decrease Downtime and Save You Other Resources

“Time is money”—it’s a saying we’ve all heard over and over. This is especially true when your company is dealing with unplanned downtime, data loss, cyber breaches, and hardware issues. IT consulting companies give you the tools and resources you need to prevent downtime, increase functionality, and provide continuous updates and upgrades to keep your network running as it should.

Give Time Back to Your Employees

Your MSP will handle all of your IT-related issues so small problems can be addressed before they cost your company valuable time. When your network runs smoothly, your employees will be far more productive in their daily activities. Ultimately, this is a better use of your money and will likely prevent missed sales.

Have Less Unplanned Downtime

When your IT isn’t working, neither are your employees. Unplanned downtime decreases the productivity of your employees and means you are spending money on work that is simply not being accomplished. IT consulting ensures you will have the technicians and tools you need to fix problems, restore data, upgrade hardware, and get your network up and functioning at an optimal level again. You will be paying your employees to do what they do best: work productively and help grow your business.

6. The Best IT Consulting Companies Will: Cut Indirect Costs

You may have a good understanding of where your IT budget is spent, including on your infrastructure, service contracts, fees, and other direct costs. Your IT budget may find itself stretched in other ways, however, when it needs to cover unplanned and indirect costs that you may not have considered without professional IT consulting.

Legal Liability

Did you know that there are regulations in place regarding client confidentiality and other stipulations that come with certain industries? If your IT solutions are not strong enough to prevent a breach, you could find yourself dealing with potential lawsuits, fees, fines, and other penalties.

Protect yourself and your clients by hiring an MSP to handle these regulations for your company.

Save Your Reputation

Don’t risk your reputation with clients or customers or risk losing them when they hear you’ve experienced a sensitive data leak.

In the face of a data breach, a company’s stocks can plummet. Many customers will stop doing business with the affected businesses altogether. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the money you spend rebuilding after a breach is spent on repairing your brand’s name and reputation.

Keep Your Employees Happy

While you know that happy employees deliver the best results for your company, you may not be aware of how small annoyances—such as slow or outdated technology—can affect their loyalty. If your tech is a stumbling block to employees, they may leave. An IT consulting professional can help your networks remain fully functional and running at optimal speeds and reduce employee dissatisfaction that drives them away. Low morale will not only cause your valuable employees to look for jobs elsewhere—it also has a negative impact on the productivity of remaining workers.

Save Your Company Money With IT Consulting Services

IT consulting services are an important first step in creating an effective IT strategy. Your professional analyst will look at your small- to medium-sized business as an individual entity. The solutions your MSP will present are a unique fit for your business, not some cookie-cutter approach that costs you money in unnecessary services.

Iconic IT doesn’t believe in skimping on coverage for our clients. Unlike most MSPs that offer bare-bones services, we have plans as vast as the national parks they are named after. To us, anything else is underserving. We give you have the guidance and supplies you need, like a park ranger helping you through the forests and mountains of your IT issues and needs.

Your analysis will combine your available assets, your budget, your threat levels in relation to your vertical, your business size, and the number of employees you have into a working strategy that targets your priorities.

To be effective, your IT strategy should save you money in unplanned downtime, legal liability, and surprise break-fix call fees and have the right tools for your needs. IT consulting allows you to have a fixed, reliable IT budget—you’ll understand your covered services and costs each billing cycle. Your MSP will bundle services into more affordable options as part of your plan, saving you even more money.Make Iconic IT your preferred MSP, as our passions are providing small- to medium-sized companies with affordable, all-inclusive packages and comprehensive plans that meet their long-term business goals. It all starts with a FREE, zero-obligation consultation from one of our highly trained professional IT analysts. Contact us and schedule your IT consulting session today!

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