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It’s 3 a.m., and you clicked “that” link. The one you weren’t supposed to. You need help, now. Your only hope is an IT help desk that responds to you, in real time, when you need it.

What Does a Good IT Help Desk Do?

A call to a tech services help desk is different than calling customer service. Customer service addresses very generic issues, such as billing or account changes. An IT help desk provides technical troubleshooting to get your computer systems back on track as quickly as possible.

Who Needs an IT Help Desk?

The industry or size of the company doesn’t matter: if you use computers and rely on servers and networks for operating your business, you need an IT help desk that is responsive and available whenever you run into technical issues.

Importance of a Responsive Help Desk

Downtime can cost your company a lot of money in lost productivity and revenue. In fact, the cost of downtime places these potential losses at around $5,600 per minute.

Every minute counts. It’s important to choose an IT company like Iconic IT that has professionals available to start working immediately on your tech issues.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Have a Great IT Help Desk?

If your tech services help desk isn’t capable of addressing your issues immediately,  small issues will escalate quickly. Instead of a “blip” in your productivity, you could be dealing with a much larger problem. It isn’t uncommon for a small problem to escalate when dealing with technical issues.

A responsive IT help desk takes away the mystery: Is this a network issue, hardware problem, user error, or malware? A great tech services help desk will start helping you the moment you pick up the phone or send an email and should stay by your side until the problem is fixed.

Why Your Business Needs the

Iconic IT Help Desk

An Iconic IT help desk experience is a step above any other MSP’s tech services help desk. We bring you decades of experience in every facet of your IT infrastructure. Iconic gives you fast help whenever you need it, no matter the problem.

Did a new employee click some malware? We’ve got you covered.
Spilled coffee in your hard drive? We’ve seen that, too.
Mice chewed your cables? Replacements on the way.
Deleted the Peterson file an hour before the big presentation? We’ll help you find it.

There’s a saying in the IT world: There’s very little you can do that we can’t undo.

Iconic IT help desk goes a step beyond just fixing the problem. We help you understand why the issue happened in the first place and then provide a plan to make sure it never happens again.


About Our Work Together

"They act as my CIO and my employee’s help desk. I have one less thing to worry about because [Iconic IT] has our technology under control."

– Mike Coffey

“I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service. When we have an issue, you are only a call away. It seems as if we are your only customer (and I know that is far from the truth). Our experience has been wonderful. You never give us the feeling that you cannot give us the time to take care of our problems. We are becoming used to Iconic being only a phone call away and that is a GREAT feeling. Thanks again for your service to us.”

– Marty, Director, Community Action for Wyoming County

“Our support desk specialist knew what he was doing and was quick and friendly. Everything one could want from tech support!”

– Elizabeth Casper, President, Upstate Special Risk Services Inc.

“Iconic’s response to our calls is excellent, and we appreciate that they work on any issue at any time of day until it is resolved or we decide we don't want to continue.”

– Julie, Business and Administrative Manager, BioWorks

Find Out How

Iconic IT Can Help Your Business

Iconic IT provides cutting edge solutions—from implementing a complete IT strategy for your business to providing a responsive tech services help desk when you need it.

Iconic IT knows there is no “one-size-fits-all” service package, so we provide many options to fit any budget. From tools and remote-only services to our most comprehensive coverage, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today for your free consultation, and put the power of our IT help desk behind your network today.