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In a world where cyberattacks continue to evolve in frequency and sophistication, more and more companies are turning to IT Security Services. No matter the size or industry of your business, you will benefit from the experience of our professionals to keep your network up and running.

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The Solutions Provided to You

When You Partner Up with Iconic’s IT Security Services

24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Ever get frustrated that you can’t get in touch with someone who can help when you really need it? That won’t happen with us. Reach out anytime—we’re always there for you, especially when you’re in a pinch. See how Iconic Fortify can be your ultimate protection against cybercrime.

AI-Based Anti-Virus

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, will make sure you’re always covered. AI makes it so you automatically get IT security services as soon as required. No waiting until an issue goes from bad to worse—rather, the problem can be scanned for, prevented, and/or taken care of before it even becomes an issue. That’s smart tech. See how Iconic Fortify can be your ultimate protection against cybercrime.

DNS Web Filtering

When you have the right filtering, the wrong things won’t get through. Without one of the most important types of IT security services such as this, cyber threats that should have been filtered out could cause all sorts of harm to your business—from downtime and loss of funds to loss of customer trust and employee turnover.

Email/Spam Filtering

So many cyberattacks can stem from something you use in the office every day: your inbox. When your email is secured, you won’t have to worry so much about malware, fishing scams, and more. -Read More

24/7 Network Monitoring

We’re always on the clock so you don’t have to be. This proactive approach sees to it that someone is always looking out for your business. Clients of our IT security services can almost feel their stress melting away when they have such a far-reaching safety net ensuring the dangers that lurk online are caught in their tracks—before it’s too late.

Security Patching

Holes is your network and in the IT security services of your last provider could bring on a number of unwanted messes for your business via its technology. Let us patch these windows into your system so leaks don’t become future headaches! – Read More


Application Updates

Did you know outdated tech can be a vulnerability when it comes to cybersecurity? We make sure your applications are up-to-date so your daily business activities can keep running smoothly.


Firewalls will be the walls that keep out any unwelcome activity at your company. You never know when users could be clicking into something they shouldn’t—whether accidentally or maliciously, from inside or outside the organization.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When something goes wrong, you don’t have to panic if you’re armed with our comprehensive IT security services. We can recover lost data so you have a backup plan in place and can bounce back more easily than you’d think. -Read More

Dark Web Monitoring

These days, with all the developments in the digital world, dangers can creep around every corner. The Internet houses a dark web whose sketchy information-stealing and illegal selling activities. -Read More

Phishing Simulations

This is part of a comprehensive educational strategy. When we deliver simulations, your first line of defense—your employees—will know what to look for, and what not to click. -Read More

Security & Awareness Training

You may be surprised to read that employees account for the majority of breaches and viruses that befall a company—especially when it comes to small businesses. -Read more

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Compliance

Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Our scans offer the monitoring you need to be confident your patches are in place where they need to be—and where protection could still be missing.

Penetration Testing Engagement

On any given day, could you be sure you know just how strong your company’s tech safety measures are? Do you know how easy or difficult it might be for a hacker to get into your most sensitive information

Security Policy Creation

Our IT security services don’t stop at fixing problems. We’re also big on strategy and can help your business with the bigger picture. When you bring us on, we will assist you in putting together – Read more

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