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Cloud ServicesYour Ticket to a Connected, Secure, and Modern Workplace

Tap into the Power of the Modern Workplace with Cloud-Based IT Architecture

What are Managed Cloud Services?

If your business hasn’t tapped into the efficiencies and security of cloud-based computing, now may be the time. More companies than ever are taking their software platforms to the Cloud, from comprehensive, work-from-anywhere platforms like Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC, to an endless array of specialized services. But these cloud programs aren’t exactly plug and play. You need a strategic IT partner to help you find the right cloud programs, integrate them with your existing systems, and handle monitoring and service. That’s where Iconic IT comes in. 

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a preferred partner for many other Cloud platform products. That means we can offer you the best, enterprise-grade cloud solutions, at a price scaled for your small or medium-sized company. When you partner with Iconic IT for your cloud-based services, you’ll get: 

  • Better services, for less— Consider Iconic your auxiliary IT staff. Our experts will help you plan the right mix of products for you, and manage them, too. We can augment, and often completely replace, your internal IT department. That’s a service that can scale with your business, and save you big, year after year. 
  • Predictable billing—Your cloud-based products and IT services will come on one predictable, monthly bill. And our cloud products are billed by your number of users, so you’ll never pay for services you don’t use.

  • Monitoring, Disaster, and Fast Incident Response—When your monitoring tools find a data breach, our staff investigates and mitigates. When a natural disaster strikes, our team handles retrieving your data from your cloud-based backups, and getting your company up and running in minutes. With our 24/7 technical staff on the job, you’ll have eyes on your company’s cloud-based security performance, round the clock.

  • Help Desk Services—The same care we take in monitoring, we can bring to your help desk. We handle problems from enterprise-wide system issues to tasks as mundane as setting up your new employee on their cloud-based accounts. Call on us anytime for expert technical support. 


The Many Solutions

That Come with Our Managed Cloud Services

Microsoft 365

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Cloud Planning and Migration

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Cloud Backup

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