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What are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services are the smart way to stay protected and connected and are an essential piece of the modern workplace. From Microsoft 365 and Teams all the way up to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Iconic IT can help you manage the complexity of your IT department so you can focus on your business growth.

Managed cloud services means outsourcing your daily IT cloud-based and technical support to improve your business operations.

Often, internal IT departments don’t possess the skills to effectively monitor and maintain a cloud environment. In these situations, a company hires a third-party cloud managed services provider to manage cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, vendors and more.

Depending on your IT needs, managed cloud services can also handle monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery and more. With fixed monthly pricing, hiring a cloud managed services provider is often less expensive than an in-house team.

Why does my Small to Medium-Sized Business Need Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services is the solution small to medium-sized businesses need for file storage, backup and recovery strategies, file sharing, cybersecurity solutions, and more.

But I Have a Guy!

Even the best internal IT departments don’t have all the necessary skills for monitoring and maintaining their cloud environment. It just makes sense to partner with a third-party managed cloud services provider to effectively oversee cloud computing, network operations, third-party vendors, cloud security, storage, and all the other pieces of an effective cloud platform.

Other Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Iconic IT’s managed cloud services can handle performance testing, backup and recovery testing, monitoring and reporting, and more. We can set you up with the right cloud tools to make your teams work together smoothly, whether working remotely or in the office.

Some added benefits of managed cloud services can include:

  • Cost Reduction: When you outsource your managed cloud services, you will reduce network maintenance costs and save your organization thousands every year over the cost of hiring and housing an internal IT department.
  • Predictable Billing: Managed Cloud Services come with our managed services packages, meaning your organization will have the same IT costs each month: no surprises, no add-on fees, and no costly break-fix budget breaking repairs.
  • Centralized Network Applications and Services and Increased Productivity: Having all files stored and accessed in a central data center means increased productivity for your teams. Your organization’s increased network availability means every employee can access the network, in the office or remotely.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Resiliency and redundancy are at the heart of managed cloud services. Your data will be secured in all your organization’s applications, making recovery fast and easy in an incident or disaster.
  • Fast Incident Response:  Having managed cloud services means having Iconic IT’s help desk services ready whenever you need them. Cloud services allow remote, virtual repairs for many IT issues, getting your network back up and running quickly.

The Many Solutions

That Come with Our Managed Cloud Services

Microsoft 365

This exciting platform combines all the great features of Office 365, Windows 10, and security.

OneDrive Cloud File Storage

Get more space, virtually!

Office Applications

The apps you know and love will still be there when you need them so there’s no need to do a major retraining session.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day—you don’t have to ditch your smartphone, tablet, or laptop just because it requires some specialized security and coordinating.

Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Collaborate like never before with updating systems. Really harness the energy of teamwork when you’re able to do it faster and more conveniently.

Centralized Identity

With centralized identity, your employees can log into one workspace and have access to all the applications and tools they need.
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Office 365 Backup

Just like you saw in the previous feature, you’re setting yourself up here to be protected ahead of time, just in case. Trust us, you’ll sleep better at night with more comprehensive, trustworthy backups.

Cloud Backup

Just like you saw in the previous feature, you’re setting yourself up here to be protected ahead of time, just in case. Trust us, you’ll sleep better at night with more comprehensive, trustworthy backups.

Azure Active Directory—AI, geofencing, and security feature capabilities (such as compromised detection, risky sign-in detection, and enhanced audit logging)

Extra layers of protection are always best, since there are more threats out there these days than can probably be counted—and the danger is growing all the time, as cybercriminals advance their skills.

Self-Service Password Reset

These days, with all the developments in the digital world, dangers can creep around every corner. The Internet houses a dark web whose sketchy information-stealing and illegal selling activities.

Single Sign-On

Sign in more easily so you can get to work quickly without too much frustration—all the while, being confident that your information will still be safe and secure due to your proactive managed cloud services.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Just like the backups we talked about, this is crucial. Don’t let yourself end up in a position where you’re experiencing slowdowns that could have been prevented.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Simplify your web application development by relying on a cloud provider for hosting, infrastructure, and operating systems. Your workforce can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)—for example, hosting of VM for legacy application hosting)

IaaS provides hardware, servers, and storage to businesses. In some cases, it can include software as well.

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