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We Have a Plan for Every Budget Managed IT Services

Our Iconic Plans are as Diverse
as our National Parks

As a business leader, you know that IT issues can be as frustrating as navigating through a thick forest without a trail. You may think your business can’t afford the managed IT serviceprotection, strategy, and guidance you need to get safely through the trees or climb the mountain in the distance.  

Iconic IT is your park ranger, ready to guide you through a forest of uncertainty. We believe you deserve the best products and servicesWith managed IT services plans as diverse as the iconic parks they are named after, you’ll find that even our smallest plans cover more than most IT providers’ comprehensive plans. Anything less is underservingunlike other MSPswe refuse to give our clients anything but the products and services  they really need. No matter what level of coverage you choose our Service Level Agreements are transparent, explaining exactly what IT services you will receive and helping you plan your IT budget with predictable billing, no unwelcome surprise fees or costs, and dependable managed IT services. 

Big Plans for Big Strategies, and the guidance you need to navigate it all. Let us help you turn your IT worries into a day in the park. 



Account Manager

System Administrator

Infrastructure Administrator


- Inventory Reporting

- Network Overview Reporting




*Projects not included

Remote Only
Customized and priced for your environment



The Iconic IT service department is designed around the “One Touch Resolution” support principal, where technicians strive to provide an extraordinary client experience by resolving all support requests during the first interaction.

Iconic Olympic IT Plan:
Proactive Support

Comprehensive workstation, server, and network administration, troubleshooting and proactive maintenance.


Staffed by security experts, the 24×7 security operations center monitors for compromises and quickly identifies security incidents to limit damage.


Managed firewall to protect your perimeter.


Advanced security layers to protect your staff and data.


Office 365 and Cloud Backup to protect your data.

P.R.O.S. Dedicated Team

One team, multiple resources assigned to your company.

Vendor Liaison

Collaboration with third-party vendors.


Quoting and sourcing of new hardware and software. Learn More


Detailed reporting on sytems, asset inventory, and provid-ed services.


Employee security & awareness training, email phishing tests, and dark web monitoring.


Ongoing, strategic reviews from your dedicated team to help align technology and our expertise with your business.

On-Demand Support

Unlimited support from your local dedicated team backed by specialized experts from across the nation. (Remote support only for Sequoia plan.)

Iconic Denali Plan

All of the above, including:

24x7 Emergency Support

Get around the clock support to minimize downtime impacts. (All other plans pay $250/hr)

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution

Maximize uptime with virtualized failover in case of outage.

Iconic Sequioa Plan

The Sequoia Plan includes everything in the Olympic plan minus the onsite support. This plan is Remote Only

Why Do I Need
Managed IT Services Anyway?

Many businesses rely on a “break-fix” model of IT servicing. This means that when your network is in trouble (and without proactive support, it is a matter of “when,” not “if”), you call someone to fix the issue. You will be paying outrageous emergency fees, charged by a company that bills by the hour and sends random repair techs to address your problem. You won’t develop a relationship with these IT technicians, and you will never know how to plan your monthly IT budget.

Managed IT services is a way to keep your monthly IT budget predictable while having strategies in place that will proactively stop issues before they affect your network. Partnering with Iconic IT means having dedicated tech teams; teams that know your employees, your infrastructure, and your network.

How is Iconic a Different
Managed IT Services Provider?

Iconic IT knows that not all businesses need the same level of support. Some may benefit from a co-managed services option, where we work alongside your existing IT department. Others may have stringent industry regulations that require a higher level of services.

No matter what level you choose, you will have our best-in-class security platforms including our groundbreaking antivirus, Iconic Fortify, and our state-of-the-art email protections.

We specialize in fast, friendly customer service and a reliable IT help desk.

We have a huge pool of talent, constantly searching for new technologies to help you stay safe and connected. Iconic IT knows cybersecurity and offers business strategy planning and risk assessments.

We aren’t just another managed IT services provider; Iconic IT has an active voice in the way your solutions are developed and delivered. Our relationship with our third-party vendors means that we can find the best pricing for our clients. We go one step further and help you manage your own third-party vendors, too.

Prices & Packages
Your Business Can Afford

Cost is an important consideration when comparing IT providers. Iconic IT understands; that is why we are offering you risk-free, no-obligation access to our pricing Find out how we can save you money. Get instant access to our managed IT services plan pricing.

Get instant access to our transparent plan pricing. Complete the form to receive our pricing and discover the plan that’s right for your company.

Request Your Free IT Consultation

Ready to Chat? Choosing an MSP is a tough decision. Iconic IT understands that. We show you our pricing upfront, allowing you to see the coverage and price points of each plan. There is nothing hidden; with Iconic IT, what you see is what you get.

We know one of our plans is perfect for your business. To help you choose which one, Iconic IT offers a free, no-risk, no-obligation consultation that includes a free dark web scan for your network. Ready to see the difference Iconic managed IT services can make? Contact us today.

Want to learn more about keeping your network safe? Read our ultimate cybersecurity guide, and learn how to create your own cybersecurity plan.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Iconic IT stands above the competition by offering a 90-day money-back promise. If at any time during the first 90 days of signing on with Iconic IT you decide we aren’t a good fit for your IT needs, we will refund 100% of your monthly fees. Not only that, but Iconic IT will help you transition to another company.

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