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7 Reasons Why IT Outsourcing Services are Perfect for Your IT Department

Iconic IT understands that you “have an IT guy” or a department that, for the most part, stays on top of your IT needs. That’s why we’ve developed our IT outsourcing services, known as co-managed IT services, to work with your own IT department and make it more productive and efficient while saving your small to medium-sized business some serious bucks.

What are IT Outsourcing Services?

IT outsourcing services is a blanket term that covers any aspect of your IT strategy that is handled by a third party. You can choose to outsource all your IT needs to a managed services provider, or just a portion of your projects and services to a co-managed services provider.

What Co-Managed Services Are

Co-managed services are a top choice for small to medium-sized businesses who cannot afford to staff an entire IT department. The owner may choose to have one or two IT professionals on staff and then use outsourcing IT services to supplement that team.

Iconic IT’s co-managed services can be full-time, with a dedicated tech team to help your existing team out on a daily basis, or a project-based boost to take care of big tasks while your existing teams handle the daily tickets and tasks.

What Co-Managed Services Are Not

Co-managed services are never intended to replace your IT department. Iconic IT will meet with you and your team to see what parts of your IT you need a little extra help, like outdated equipment, consistent monitoring, efficient cybersecurity platforms, or even a little boost to help them meet their daily IT tasks.

IT outsourcing services, like Iconic IT’s co-managed solutions, are meant to work with your existing IT department to provide extra resources, toolkits, and expertise.

Learn More About IT Outsourcing and Co-Managed Services in this free, no obligation comprehensive eBook, “A CEO’s Guide to Co-Managed Services

Why Do IT Outsourcing Services Make Sense for My Business?

Now that you understand the Iconic IT co-managed concept, let’s look a little deeper into why co-managed services makes sense for a small to medium-sized business.

1. IT Outsourcing Services Will Save You Money on IT Solutions

Your internal IT department can’t negotiate with third-party vendors for the lowest price on hardware and software. Iconic IT already has third-party vendor partnerships in place and can provide goods and services at far lower prices than your IT department can find on their own.

2. Co-Managed Services Will Save You Money on Staffing Costs

As your business grows, your IT needs will grow, too. What started out as an easy enough job for your one or two “IT guys” has become a full-time job for a fully staffed IT department. Iconic IT can cover your growing IT needs for far less than the cost of hiring more full-time staff. Iconic IT outsourcing services will never call in sick or go on vacation, and they have staff available to help you whenever you need it with ticket submission or helpdesk services.

3. IT Outsourcing Means Better Repairs

Your IT guys know everything about some things, but they can’t know something about everything. IT outsourcing with Iconic’s co-managed services gives you a deeper pool of knowledge about even the most complex IT issues. No matter what your IT problem is, chances are that Iconic IT techs have seen it before, and fixed it.

4. Co-managed Services Means Better Solutions

IT outsourcing means that your IT department will have access to the cutting-edge toolsets and the resources they need to perform their jobs efficiently. Iconic IT stays on top of trends, constantly updating their approach, skills, and toolsets to deal with current threats while bringing their clients the resources best suited for their own unique needs.

5. Co-Managed Services Free Up Your IT Department

Tech burnout happens when IT techs are overworked. Techs that are dissatisfied with the amount of work they do are more likely to leave their company in search of a better, lighter workload. Your techs are dealing with everyday issues and tickets, outdated equipment in constant need of repairs, older software solutions, and more. It’s hard for them to carve out the amount of time needed for bigger IT projects or even the routine testing and monitoring needed to keep the network secure and spot potential issues. IT outsourcing allows another team to step in and take care of bigger projects while your existing team can handle the daily IT activities. Your co-managed services provider will also provide your team with the solutions for automating many tasks, easing the burden on your IT department.

6. IT Outsourcing Provides In-Demand IT Professionals

In 2019, it was estimated that there were over 700,000 unfilled IT jobs in the US alone, with 87% of employers stating they had difficulties finding an IT tech. The skills gaps in the IT industry include IoT, cybersecurity, AI, and cloud security. IT outsourcing provides your small to medium-sized business with talented professionals to supplement your own teams. Iconic IT’s co-managed services will provide you with the techs you need to get the job done, no matter what IT niche you are looking to fill.

7. Preventive Maintenance Saves You Costly Downtime

Downtime is a productivity killer. Most of the time, your lost hours don’t come from external sources like malware. Lost productivity can stem from preventable problems and issues within your network itself. Power outages, device failure, and human error accounts for many of these issues. Having a co-managed services team work with your IT department means routine monitoring, maintenance, and testing can be done to stop small issues before they become big ones.

Is IT Outsourcing with Iconic IT Right for Your Business?

Iconic IT doesn’t believe in skimping on coverage for our clients. Unlike most MSPs that offer bare-bones services, we have plans as vast as the national parks they are named after. To us, anything else is underserving. We give you have the guidance and supplies you need, like a park ranger helping you through the forests and mountains of your IT issues and needs.

Iconic IT’s co-managed services are usually a perfect fit for any business with an existing IT department. We do understand, however, that we aren’t always a perfect match. That’s why Iconic IT has a ninety-day money back guarantee. If for any reason Iconic IT’s co-managed IT services aren’t a fit for your business, you will receive 100% of your money back.

Iconic IT is providing a completely risk-free, no obligation consultation with a free dark web scan, a package valued at $695, for small to medium-sized businesses just like yours. Learn more about our co-managed services, or set up an appointment to chat with one of our friendly professionals and see why IT outsourcing with Iconic IT is the right solution for you.


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