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Iconic Tech Support for Apple

We know that Mac users feel left out. It seems everything is focused on Windows users and Mac users are forgotten, but not at Iconic IT. Iconic tech support for Apple is available to keep Mac devices updated, connected, and secure.

Iconic Simplifies Remote Apple Mac Configuration and Mobile Management

Iconic IT takes the guesswork out of configuring mobile Mac devices, using remote services to streamline the process. Mac devices can be set up with customized apps, credentials, and user account information.

Iconic IT will set up Apple devices to include important support services, including:

  • Customized user password and account management requirements
  • Usage and diagnostics reports
  • Device security and compliance, including encryption
  • Remote administration of all software including patches and updates

Iconic IT Support in Apple Support Services Keep Your Devices and Network Secure

Apple devices are designed to stay secure. Iconic IT will help them stay that way.

Iconic IT works with iOS and macOS device users to:

  • Encrypt devices with FileVault and escrowing keys in a mobile device management (MDM) solution
  • Simplify end-users’ credential recovery process
  • Enable anti-malware protections for devices
  • Securely manage AirDrop by customizing and limiting permissions and remote access

Multi-Tenant Apple Services for Your Business

Iconic IT makes managing and configuring multiple environments easy with a multi-tenant structure.  A multi-tenant architecture means that users share one instance of an application. Think of this architecture as an apartment building. Users can change the interior of their individual apartments to suit their needs, but the apartment building itself remains a shared space for all occupants.  

This architecture saves money and resources for your organization and reduces the headache of worrying about hardware and updates. In addition, there are fewer maintenance costs, increased capacity, and streamlined updates and upgrades.

iOS and macOS Mobile Device Management

Iconic IT enrolls and deploys devices across multiple environments to organizations based on their individual needs. We also inventory, monitor, and audit your devices and address security priorities as they arise.

Iconic IT will help transition iOS and MacOS fueled businesses to the cloud to improve connectivity, file sharing, and communication for remote workforces, too.

Got BYOD policies in your organization? No problem. Iconic IT can enroll, locate, and manage BYOD devices easily, securing and supporting them as well.

Iconic Apple Mac Support Means Predictable Budget Planning

Iconic Apple Mac Support services mean reliable, predictable billing and cost savings for small to medium-sized business. We will provision your software to users who need it, increasing operational efficiency and saving resources. Our proactive approach and device monitoring means all your Apple Mac hardware will be tracked, updated, and automatically enrolled to increase productivity and decrease downtime.

Partnering with Iconic IT means you will have predictable billing and can plan your IT budgets confidently in advance.

Schedule Your Free Consultation for Iconic IT Tech Support for Apple

Ready to learn how Iconic IT Tech Support for Apple will save you money, increase your security, improve efficiency and productivity, and help with your transition to the cloud? Contact us today for your risk-free, no obligation consultation and see how Iconic IT, Apple, and your network are truly better together.



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