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IT Services for Maintaining a Remote Workforce

You probably had to make some quick decisions regarding your remote workforce in the face of the COVID19 crisis. It’s not too late to re-evaluate your choices and plan a sustainable remote workforce strategy. IT services will help your remote workforce make the permanent transition to the modern workplace.

Professional IT services can help you find remote solutions that will work for your business’ needs, whether you are transitioning to a virtual office or simply keeping some positions as remote.

IT Services Offer Cloud Solutions for Remote Workers

If you’ve enjoyed collaborating and connecting on Teams, you already know how cloud computing can help your remote workers. With cloud solutions, employees can access and share files no matter where they are. IT services can help you get connected and stay connected.

Identity and Access Management

Your IT provider will help you create an identity and access management strategy that limits administrative privileges and permissions and establishes procedures for identity verification. This means that your remote workforce will only have access to files they need to perform their job, and unauthorized users can’t gain access to your network at all.

Cybersecurity Strategies and Solutions

Cybercriminals are targeting remote workers at an alarming rate. Your old cybersecurity platform will not be able to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape, and choosing the most effective anti-virus software is not as simple as it once was. Your IT services provider will help you create a cybersecurity strategy that fits your new remote workforce.

These strategies will be multi-layered, including firewall, multi-factor identification, advanced antivirus software. Some companies, like Iconic IT, offer complete coverage with a Security Operations Center that continuously monitors your network for alerts and potential threats.

Co-Managed Services

You may already have an internal IT department; maybe you just need a partner to help them manage all the remote workers’ IT needs. Outsourcing your IT services under a co-managed platform means your internal IT department can get the help it needs without giving up their responsibilities. An MSP can keep your existing IT department on top of trending threats and technologies and help create a better IT strategy for your business. They are also available to lend a hand in case of repairs, downtime, natural disasters, or a breach. Your IT services provider will provide support, solutions, third-party vendor management, and other services alongside your internal IT department.

Application and Software Management

An IT services provider will help you choose the best apps and software for your company, based on size, vertical, regulatory requirements, and specific needs. These programs will need to be installed and maintained with regular updates and upgrades.

An MSP will match you with the tools your business needs and the resources you need to manage them.

The Help Desk From A Reputable IT Services Provider is a Remote Workforce’s Best Friend

With your employees scattered across your state (or, in some cases, across the nation), you need a reliable way for them to report IT issues and get them solved as soon as possible. IT services can provide a centralized way for your teams to report problems and get them solved quickly. MSPs are uniquely qualified to help remote workers in many ways, from accessing their machines to visualize the problem to providing new devices if needed. IT services will help your remote employees limit downtime and lost productivity due to network or hardware issues, no matter where they are located.

Backup Solutions

If your remote employees lose or break a device, the information stored in the device may be lost as well. Cloud backup solutions are one way that IT services providers can keep your files and sensitive data safe and ready to recover, no matter what happens. Your MSP will help you create a Business Continuity Plan to make sure your organization is “back in business” following breaches, lost, stolen or broken devices, or natural disaster.

Iconic IT is the IT Services Provider Remote Workforces Can Rely On

Iconic IT was more than ready when COVID19 drove employees out of the office and into their kitchens and home offices. We had been planning remote workforce strategies for years and were able to quickly give our clients the solutions they needed to keep clients up and running without missing a beat. With upgraded antivirus platforms and cutting-edge cloud technologies, Iconic IT is prepared to help your business sustain a remote workforce, either temporarily or permanently.

Iconic IT services is offering a free, no risk, no-obligation consultation to help measure your business’ current IT strategies. Let our professionals help you decide if your business is already in great shape, or if you need better solutions for keeping your remote workforce operating smoothly and securely, with increased productivity and connectivity.


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