Making Co-Managed Services Work for You

Making Co-Managed IT Services Work for You

There are many reasons you can’t expand your internal IT department, with budgetary concerns right at the top of the list. It’s hard to find the right IT personnel, equip them, and pay them what they deserve. Benefits, sick days, and vacation add to the costs, along with an increasing inability to find qualified personnel to begin with. Co-managed services are the answer.

With traditional internal IT departments, keeping up with daily operational IT needs can seem overwhelming. If your IT team is tackling day-to-day network and hardware problems, how are they finding time for upgrades, projects, security patches, strategic planning, and testing backup plans?

This is a problem co-managed services can solve for you.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services is a way to supplement your own internal IT team. You keep the personalized service from your existing IT department but partner it with an MSP’s experience, tools, and solutions.

Co-managed services are a way to give your internal IT department the time they need to work on priority tasks, while the MSP provides your business the resources it needs to stay up-to-date with tech, tools, trends and strategies. It’s the perfect partnership.

What Can I Expect with Co-Managed Services?

What will co-managed services look like for your small to medium-sized business? Iconic IT blends the perfect balance of your IT team’s skillsets and our own cutting-edge solutions. You can expect:

Improved IT Services

Since co-managed services don’t replace your existing IT team, you get to keep the faces you already know and rely on right in your offices. Iconic IT will provide the expertise to assist them and fill in any gaps in your strategy with top-notch training and tools, making your own IT department more productive without adding any additional personnel to your payroll. This keeps your staff on point with operational tasks without overwhelming them.

Operational Continuity

If your IT director is sick or on vacation, who will stand in for him or her? If you’re handling your own IT services entirely in-house, your IT department may fall apart in the case of an emergency without their manager. Co-managed services provide real-time expertise and support whenever it’s needed to help you bridge the gap if your company’s IT director, or the entire team, is unavailable.

Deeper Pool of Knowledge

Your IT department knows a lot about your company’s infrastructure, but how much do they know about trending cyber threats, cutting edge tools, and other issues in the constantly evolving IT landscape? Having co-managed services means your IT department will have all the solutions and expertise they will need, just a phone call away.

Your IT team will be able to access the same toolkit and skillsets that your MSP uses, enabling them to fix issues faster and more efficiently. Your IT budget can’t afford these tools and solutions, but they are included as part of your co-managed services.

Consistency Without the Overhead

Sure, your head tells you that hiring more IT personnel for your internal IT department makes sense, but your wallet is telling you no. Co-managed services lets you expand your IT department in theory without adding personnel to your payroll.

Peace of Mind for You

When your internal IT department partners with Iconic IT, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident about your business’ IT status. Co-managed services will help your team in every way, including cybersecurity solutions.

When Iconic IT pairs with your current IT department, we supply them with our next-generation cybersecurity platform, Iconic Fortify, to help fight cybercrime and data breaches. We know that your biggest asset, your employees, can also be your biggest cybersecurity risk; that’s why we take cybersecurity awareness training, very seriously at Iconic IT. We provide phishing simulations and more to make sure your employees are armed with knowledge against the bad guys.

Are Co-managed Services Right for My Business?

If you have an internal IT department but are looking to expand their reach and expertise, Iconic IT’s co-managed services are the perfect solution for you. Request a risk free, no-obligation complimentary IT assessment and let’s talk about how Iconic IT’s co-managed services are the right fit for your business.

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