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Understanding MSPs: Working with Managed IT Services for Small Business in Denver

All over Denver, small businesses just like yours struggle with IT issues that drain their budgets, slow them down, decrease efficiency, and put their networks at risk. If your team is relying on unpredictable IT, you are losing hours of productivity that could be costing your business big time. Not using managed IT services for small business means costly break-fix methods of handling IT and having no idea where your IT budget is being spent.

Many SMBs are turning to the professionals to untangle and streamline their complicated processes by using managed IT services. For small business, outsourcing some, if not all, core IT functions is a game changer.

The idea of turning over IT to a third-party IT services provider, known as a Managed Services Provider or MSP, is a daunting one:

  • What is an MSP?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How does an MSP work?
  • What if I already have an IT department?
  • Which provider do I choose?
  • Do I really need an MSP?

The reality is far more daunting, though: unplanned downtime can cost you big time, and 60% of small businesses will be forced to close their doors permanently after a single cyberattack. Even knowing these facts, it’s hard to know where to start when exploring MSP services.

Everyone claims to offer the best MSP services, the best customer experience, and the best products and solutions, so who can you trust for your business’ IT services?

Here’s a guide to cutting through all the noise and understanding exactly what you need to know about Managed IT Services for small business.

What is an MSP?

An MSP is a company that specializes in organizational computer processes, hardware, networks, and security platforms, from basic infrastructure to end-user systems and far beyond.

The MSP partners with a small to medium sized business and monitors its entire infrastructure to ensure no issues take the company offline, the company is protected from cyber threats, the business is in compliance with regulatory requirements, patches and updates are routinely installed, and every other IT concern within an organization is addressed including repairs and upgrades.

How Much do IT Services for Small Business Cost?

Prices for managed services for small businesses will vary from provider to provider, ranging anywhere from $120 to $160 per user if priced “per seat.” This is only one pricing model, however, and MSPs can choose to charge per device or a highly customized “per service” model.

MSPs depend on Service Level Agreements. This service level agreement will clearly define your price and coverages and once signed, become a predictable part of your overall IT budget.

How Does an MSP Work?

A managed services provider will evaluate your current IT infrastructure looking for gaps in security, ways to save money, and how to best increase the reliability of your network. A plan is created for your business, keeping in mind your industry, your budget, and your future goals (solutions).

When possible, the MSP will work with your existing infrastructure and find ways to improve it. Once this “roadmap” (strategy) is approved, the MSP will roll out implementation and begin the work of aligning your current IT with the plan.

What if I Already have an IT Department?

If your small business has an internal IT department, the MSP will work alongside it in a model Iconic IT calls “co-managed services.” The MSP will take care of important aspects of the network, such as monitoring, routine testing, and larger projects so your IT department is free to address daily IT issues.

Your Service Level Agreement will define what responsibilities will fall under your own IT department, and which will be handled by the MSP. The MSP brings knowledge of IT trends (such as cyber threats, strategies, technologies, and solutions) that your internal IT department wouldn’t normally know, and provides access to products and services for far less money than your internal IT department could find on its own.

How do I Choose Managed IT Services for Small Business in Denver?

There’s a lot of MSP services providers in Denver to choose from, and the choices can seem overwhelming. Look for an IT services provider that offers:

  • Scalable solutions aligned with your future goals
  • Excellent and reliable support desk services
  • Teams dedicated to your business’ IT needs
  • Transparency in pricing
  • Proven processes

You won’t know these benchmarks just by looking at a website. Check reviews, ask your peers, and contact any businesses referred to within a testimonial or case study.

Do I Really Need Managed IT Services for Small Business?

Small to medium-sized businesses in Denver have a lot to lose if they use unreliable solutions, stagnant strategies, and outdated IT practices. Not only do they place sensitive data at risk and cause potential disruptions to productivity, they will most certainly face the fallout of a cyberattack, regulatory violations, and outdated applications that will hurt their bottom line while being at the mercy of costly break-fix repairs and unpredictable IT costs that frequently exceed their IT budgets.

Keep in mind that customers aren’t forgiving in the face of cyberattacks; 70% of consumers said they would stop doing business with organizations that were victims of cyberbreaches, whether their own data was leaked or not.

You can choose which services to outsource and which you are comfortable keeping in-house. Some businesses may choose to only outsource security or large projects, while others may choose to let an MSP handle all their IT needs.

Want More Information?

Iconic IT understands that choosing to use managed IT services for small business in Denver can be overwhelming. If you’re not quite ready to chat, Iconic IT has free resources for more information to better inform your decision. Download our free eBook, Why Use a Managed Security Service, for an in-depth look at how MSPs can help your network run smoothly and safely.

Ready to lean more from one of our friendly, knowledgeable pros? Sign up for a free no obligation consultation and complimentary dark web scan today.


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Understanding MSPs: Working with Managed IT Services for Small Business in Denver

All over Denver, small businesses just like yours struggle with IT issues that drain their budgets, slow them down, decrease efficiency, and put their networks at risk.
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