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What Do National Parks Have to Do With IT?

Iconic IT is synonymous with greatness in the IT world. We have the IT solutions small to medium-sized businesses rely on to keep them up and running, safely and smoothly. We find that all too often, MSPs are willing to cut corners to offer “rock bottom prices.” We think that providing anything less than the best products and services is underserving our clients; that’s why you’ll find that even our basic managed services packages offer more coverage and services than many other MSPs provide in their most comprehensive plans. 

OK, but what does that have to do with national parks?  

Our plans are far more than the standard “bronze, silver, and gold” plans our competition offers. We wanted to go big with our packages, and the only way to show you how big our plans really are was to name them after the most iconic national parks, covering millions of miles of forest, lakes, rivers, and mountains. 

All national parks have park rangers to guide your journey so you don’t go off the path and get lost. Iconic IT is your guide through your IT needs. We understand that we aren’t the hero in your business journey, you are. We are your helpful park rangers, giving you the guidance, supplies, and support you need to navigate safely through the vast IT wilderness. We think you should focus on your end goals and visions, not the path you have to take to reach them. 

Our managed services plans are as iconic as the parks they represent. Each plan is extremely comprehensive, including all the areas of IT services you need to stay productive, and featuring amazingly diverse levels of coverage. 

There are parks, and then there are parks. Far from average little state parks, national parks like Sequoia, Olympic, and Denali are vast, covering millions of square miles and featuring amazingly diverse wildlife and scenery. It’s no accident that Iconic IT chose these parks as the theme for our managed services packages. After all, there are IT services, and then there are IT services.  


Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada has more than giant trees, it’s also home to canyons, mountains, and cave systems. Standing under a giant sequoia tree during a rainstorm feels like Iconic IT’s essential managed services plan; we are one of the industry leading giants covering you from unexpected storms such as unplanned downtime, network issues, and cybercrime. The Sequoia doesn’t offer onsite support, after hours support, or disaster recovery services but this package still covers a vast area of IT concerns, just like Sequoia National Park’s giant trees shade the forest floor for miles and miles. 


Olympic National Park in Washington boasts diversity over six million miles of wilderness. Backpacking and hiking along its 70 miles of coastland may seem exhausting, but choosing the right managed services plan doesn’t have to be. You can choose your own path with our most popular managed services package, the Olympic Plan, paying only for the services you need. From temperate rain forests and glacier topped mountain peaks, Olympic Park is the perfect place for those who need diversity and choose to blaze their own trails. Iconic IT’s Olympic Plan is for those businesses who need comprehensive coverage but prefer to find their way through disaster recovery and after-hours support. 


Denali National Park and Preserve offers serenity and relaxation, much like the peace of mind you get knowing all your IT needs are covered under one affordable monthly managed services plan. Six million miles of Alaskan wilderness boasts a wide array of wildlife, spectacular views, and snowy mountain vistas featuring Denali, a staggering 20,310 mountain, as its gem. Six million miles is a lot to navigate, as is the confusing world of IT. We can’t help you navigate this beautiful park, but we can help you navigate the twists and turns of all your IT needs. Denali is the largest mountain in the United States; it stands to reason the Denali Plan is Iconic IT’s most comprehensive of all our managed services packages.  

Managed Services Packages That Have You Covered 

We chose our managed services packages plan names after vast, iconic national parks covering millions of square miles apiece. You can choose your IT services package based on the amount of coverage your small to medium-sized business needs, keeping your IT budget predictable and affordable.  

Finding the perfect plan starts with a free, no-obligation comprehensive IT audit, showing your strengths and weaknesses. From there, Iconic IT can build your perfect IT roadmap and strategy to get you where you need to go and find the plan that’s best for your unique needs. 

Our teams of friendly professionals are standing by to give you the map you need to find your way, no matter what trail (or park) you choose. 


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