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Spring into Action: Now is the Time to Tackle Your IT Project

Spring is a time of renewal for Mother Nature…and for businesses everywhere. It’s time to tackle that IT project you’ve been putting off all winter. Iconic IT is ready now, with competitive pricing and teams of technicians ready to spring into action and help you wake your snoozing project from its long winter’s nap.

What is an IT Project?

You may think of an IT project as a huge upgrade to your infrastructure. That is one type of project, but it’s not the only thing you can do to improve your IT systems. In IT, a project is any necessary action to improve or update any part of your information systems, hardware upgrades, or new technologies. This can include deploying systems and software, increasing cybersecurity, or upgrading your hardware.

These projects can also cover:

Now, more than ever, businesses need to look to the future. The traditional way of working is no longer in play; you need to start the steps to a safer, more secure digital workplace. This journey of digital transformation is one of the most important IT projects your business needs for a successful transition to a protected, connected, and efficient modern workplace.

Your Free Iconic IT Services Consultation

Need help with your IT project? Click here to contact us for a quick, ten-minute, no obligation chat and let us provide you with a free assessment of your project.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Tackle Your IT Project

Your project has been living in the back of your mind for months now. It’s time to act. But why now?

Your PPP Loan Funds Can Pay for Your Project

The first round of PPP loans covered basic expenses, like payroll and utilities. The second round PPP loan covers more expenses, including technology upgrades.

Recently, Iconic IT client Kingman County (Wichita, Kansas) used their PPP loan to create a new Emergency Operations Center, as well as to replace hardware throughout several departments using the CARES Act-KDEM Grant for Services funds.

How will you use your PPP loan to invest in the technologies your business needs?

Get Your Projects Done in Time for the Busy Season

There’s no time like now to get your business ready for the busy season, especially if your business is seasonal and looking forward to spring and summer. Take advantage of your slower pace to get those projects done.

Get in Front of the Demand for Hardware and Software Upgrades for Your Project

If you are considering an IT infrastructure upgrade as a future project, it’s better to get your requests in early. Brittany Tebben, Iconic IT Inside Sales Specialist, explains, “We have been experiencing longer than normal lead times for laptops and PCs due to major parts shortages at manufacturers. We highly recommend that our clients order early if they will need machines in the upcoming months.”

To upgrade computer hardware, look for a company like Iconic IT that has partnerships with several big-name tech companies, such as Dell and HP, so that shortages don’t affect your business. These partnerships will save you money, too.

Iconic IT will provide and install your hardware and software without any need to sign up for additional services.

There’s No Time Like Now to Get Those Pesky IT Projects Done

Iconic IT knows our local businesses have spring fever; we do, too! We want to help you with your spring cleaning by sweeping out those IT issues and getting those cold, wintery projects done. Want to learn how Iconic IT can help you spring forward with your projects? Contact us now!

What are you waiting for? Click here to schedule your free, 10-minute, no obligation IT project consultation now.


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