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Which Iconic IT Package is Right for My Business?

No matter what level of managed services your business needs, Iconic IT has you covered. From remote and tools-only packages to our all-inclusive Denali option, we have a solution for you.  Find out which Iconic IT package is right for your business with this quick overview of available options.

It all starts with a free consultation from Iconic IT to evaluate your unique needs. 

  • How big is your company? 
  • What industry does your business serve? 
  • What are your current threat levels? 
  • How old is your equipment and network? 
  • When was the last time you had a full IT consultation and analysis? 
  • What problems is your network facing daily? Weekly? Monthly? 
  • What is your IT Budget? 
  • Are you outsourcing your IT needs, or co-managing with an internal IT department? 

Once your no-obligation consultation is complete, you can better compare your pricing and options for Iconic IT packages. 

Understanding Your Iconic IT Package Options 

Your IT can seem overwhelming, like being lost in a huge national park without a map. Iconic IT is your guide, providing you the services you need to get you safely through the park with plans as big as the parks they are named after.

Iconic IT offers three levels of services, Sequoia, Olympic and Denali. Each level offers: 

AI Based Antivirus and 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC): Iconic Fortify is a combination of the best AI based antivirus software alongside a 24/7 manned Security Operations Center. This two-tiered approach means malware is blocked, but your trusted apps and files will still run. 

DNS Web Filtering: Blocks access to malicious websites. 

Email/Spam Filtering: Stops unwanted and potentially dangerous emails from hitting your inbox. 

24/7 Network Monitoring: Continuously checks your network for poor performance and reports it to your administrator. 

Security Patching: Updates your antivirus routinely or on-demand according to new threats. 

Application Updates: Keeps your network up to date with the latest version of your applications. 

Office 365 Backups: Backs up your files, documents and important Office applications for recovery in case of an outage.  

PC Optimization: Keeps your hardware and network running smoothly 

Event Log Monitoring: Stays on top of any issues that arise, correcting them and recording them for future reference. 

Vendor Liaison: Negotiates your hardware and software purchases for you to give you the best equipment at the best prices. 

Cloud Backup: Backs up your data safely in the cloud in case of a disaster or malware attack.  

Dedicated Teams: Teams that learn your network and will work with your business exclusively, eliminating revolving-door techs 

  • Account Manager 
  • System Administrator 
  • Infrastructure Administrator  

Firewall: Prevents unauthorized access to your network.  

Reporting: Tracks and helps to maintain ongoing records about your network and equipment. 

  • Inventory Reporting   
  • Network Overview Reporting 

Vigilance: Your employees are your first line of defense, so we keep them trained and prepared with phishing simulations, security and awareness training, and more.  

Dark Web Monitoring: Keeps an eye on the dark web to watch for any sensitive data leaks or identity theft involving your business and your employees. 

Strategic Business Review: Iconic IT pros help you prioritize your IT needs for the solutions that make the most sense for your business. 

Roadmap: Iconic IT will plan your strategy and document it clearly, along with your future IT needs and how to meet them. 

Budgeting: Iconic IT will help you shop for the solutions you can afford so you can remain within your IT budget. 

All these fantastic services are the basis of all Iconic IT packages, but your coverages will increase depending on your service level. 

The Sequoia Plan

The Sequoia Plan is a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses that have their own internal IT department. This package includes all the Iconic IT offerings listed above, plus remote support services and a set per-hour fee for after-hours emergency support services. 

A good option for co-managed services with your existing IT department, the Sequoia package is $145 per seat.

 The Olympic Plan

The Olympic Plan includes the basic Iconic IT offerings listed above and includes unlimited network support, both remote and on-site. In addition, Iconic Pro offers a set per-hour fee for emergency after-hours support. 

Another good option for co-managed services, the Olympic package is available at $150 per seat.

The Denali Plan

The Denali Plan is our most comprehensive package. It offers all our basic services plus unlimited remote and onsite support, emergency after-hours support, and business continuity and disaster recovery plan. 

Contact Us Today 

Contact us today for a complete explanation of our pricing and packages, andanalysis to help you decide which package is best for you. The consultation is free, and there is no obligation. 

You can see all of Iconic IT package options by clicking here.

Prices & Plans Your Business Can Afford

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About Iconic IT

Iconic IT is an award-winning Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), providing small and medium organizations with local and responsive IT support services. We feature budget-friendly service plans with coverage as vast as the iconic national parks they are named after. We specialize in fully managed or co-managed IT support, cybersecurity and cloud solutions, strategic guidance, and excellent customer service using our exclusive PROS service model (Proactive, Reactive, Ownership, and Strategic). You are the hero in our IT story, and Iconic IT is your guide. We serve the following local communities: Dallas Fort Worth and East Texas, Wichita Kansas, Buffalo and Rochester New York, Bonita Springs Florida, and Denver Colorado.


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