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Train Employees and Prevent AttacksPhishing Simulations

You think your employees can identify spam, malware, and phishing attempts when they see them, but how can you be sure? Do your employees know how to respond, or will they fall for the oldest “cybertrick” in the book? Phishing simulations will help you assess your employees’ reactions to cybercriminals and their hacking attempts on your network and is an essential piece of any comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

What Is Phishing?

Before we can see how phishing simulations can help your network security, we need to understand what phishing is.

Exactly what are phishing scams, and why do they remain one of the most successful tools hackers use today?

Phishing is sending an email that attempts to trick a user into giving away passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data. Phishing emails can install spyware, malware, or ransomware onto your network. Phishing emails can take many forms, including advertisements, attachments, and website spoofs. A talented hacker can make the email seem like it came from a trusted source, such as a fellow employee or supervisor.

Cybercriminals infuse phishing emails with a sense of urgency and vague threats if an action isn’t taken. “Pay this overdue bill now,” “your account will be suspended,” and “I need this by the end of today” are a few examples of an approach these savvy hackers can take.

What Are Phishing Simulations?

Phishing simulations are controlled “attacks” sent internally by your IT professionals to assess your employees’ reactions to these dangerous emails. These tests will take various approaches to see if your team accurately identifies them as an attempted cyberattack. The goal of phishing simulations is to:

Gauge your team’s strengths and weaknesses in the face of an attack
Teach employees to identify and report suspicious activities
Identify the potential need for group or individual refresher training
Keep employees aware of new trends in phishing emails
Keep employees from becoming complacent regarding network security

Phishing simulations should be conducted several times a year as part of an effective security strategy.

Of course, phishing simulations are one piece of the cybersecurity puzzle. Read everything you need to know about cybersecurity in our ultimate cybersecurity guide, and learn how to create your own cybersecurity plan.

Why Your Business Needs

Iconic IT Phishing Simulations

Iconic IT knows that your employees are your first line of network defense. We make employee security awareness training, including phishing simulations, an important part of your overall network security strategy. Iconic IT believes in making your employees a stronger force in your security platform.
Iconic IT has many different phishing simulations that cover multiple phishing platforms ready to deploy. We believe that routine and unplanned phishing simulations will keep your employees alert and ready for the real thing.
Iconic IT provides phishing simulations in a controlled setting that will not affect your network’s productivity in any way. We are trained to spot weaknesses in training and identify potential security risks.


About Our Work Together

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Find Out How

Iconic IT Can Help Your Business

A successful business relies on a successful network security platform. Iconic IT has you covered.

We offer many different IT packages for your business needs, including employee training and phishing simulations. Contact Iconic IT for your free assessment and consultation today, and see how we can help your team stay focused and your network remain secure.