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Reopening a Business? Some Things Your Customers Aren’t Telling You

Finally, the stay-at-home restrictions are being lifted and freedom reigns once again. You’re reopening a business, but before you hang your “Welcome Back” banners, here are a few things your customers aren’t telling you.

We’re Still Scared

The restrictions may be lifted, but the fear remains. You may be disappointed to have an empty office, shop, or showroom when you throw open the doors; keep in mind that many of your customers are still afraid to come in person.

When you’re reopening a business, keep the customer’s needs at the top of your mind.

Social Distancing

If we never hear the words “social distancing” again, it’ll be too soon. Still, it’s a smart practice that protects your customers. Get creative with the tape and mark six-foot intervals on the floor at the registers or anywhere your customers can be expected to stand.

Limited Capacity

How many people can your office or store hold on a “normal” day? Cut that number by 50% and only allow smaller groups of people in at a time. You could get creative and try alternate days for people based on the letters of their last names. You’ll find a surprising number of people who want to do the right thing and will play by your rules. Post your rules on your website and social media, and for a little extra publicity you can let local news know your policy; it’s an inventive way to limit your store’s customers.


Let your customers see your employees using hand sanitizer before they interact with clients as well as afterward. Hang hand sanitizer on the walls so customers aren’t touching the same bottles.

Face masks are going to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Have a box on the counter for those who “left theirs in the car.” Consider an investment in customized face masks with your logo on them; this is a walking promotional opportunity for your business.

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We Like Your Remote and Delivery Services

Today’s world is one of convenience. Your customers probably enjoy the convenience of online shopping, deliveries, and even curb-side pickup.

Reopening a business shouldn’t mean doing away with these conveniences. Having your store physically open should be an additional resource to the services you are currently offering.

We Are Aware That Hackers Have Been Upping Their Game

There’s no doubt that increasing cybercrime has become a familiar news topic.

On top of physical concerns for safety, your customers have a heightened awareness of cybercrime and fear their personal information will be compromised.

As a business, you have a responsibility to make sure your customer data is protected. Reopening your business is a great time to check your network, and your customers will want to know that you took this extra step to protect them. (Take this quick and easy quiz to see how prepared your network is for reopening a business)

Run dark web scans, change passwords, revisit your third-party vendor agreements, and check your cybersecurity strategies to make sure your customers can feel safe when doing business with you.

We’re Looking for a Deal

As the nation slowly returns to normal, your customers are still hesitant to break out their wallets. The pandemic has affected them in unprecedented ways, from maxing out credit cards to not being able to make housing payments.

Reopening business successfully will mean finding ways to provide your products and services in appealing ways. BOGO, heavy discounts, free upgrades, and other special “welcome back” sales will draw your customers in.

Even if your organization took a hit over the past few months and you are anxious to see your books back in the black, you will need to proceed slowly to get your customers in the door.

We Will Still Be in a “Necessity” Mindset After Businesses Reopen

Between scarcity of goods and services and limited budgets, your customers have developed a “necessity only” mindset. Over the past few months, they have learned to separate the “must-have” items, such as food and medication, from the non-essentials such as furniture, new cars, and other big-ticket items. Reopening a business may be harder if you provide these higher-end products and services.

Offering inviting financing options will be more appealing to your customers now than ever before. Opting to provide customers in-store credit increases a customer’s spending by 15%, for instance, and 0% interest or longer payment terms will help lure clientele into your business.

Keep Your Customer’s Needs First

You are anxious for reopening a business, but your customers have anxieties of their own. Make sure you take the time to address customer concerns clearly, with website updates, signage on your windows, and even local news and media coverage.

Reopening a business after this pandemic will be a marathon, not a sprint. The extra time you take calming your customers’ fears will ultimately pay off and put your business miles ahead of your competition.

Iconic IT is Here

We can’t help you protect your clients from COVID19, but we can help you keep your IT concerns at the bottom of your “reopening a business top worries” list. Let Iconic IT help you open your cyber-doors safely with a free IT consultation.

Iconic IT wishes you smooth sailing as you navigate these post-COVID19 waters, and we are here for you.

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