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Spam is an unsolicited, unwanted email from an unknown source or sender. These senders may purchase your information from a “list,” or may just send bulk spam emails to random contacts in the hopes that someone will open them.

No matter what email client you are using, there is one inescapable fact of life: Spam happens.

The only way to keep unwanted and potentially dangerous emails out of your mailbox is by spam filtering.

What Is Spam Filtering?

Spam filters are programs designed to stop unsolicited and risky emails from reaching your inbox. Most email clients claim to have spam filtering in place, but spam still makes it through sometimes. How much spam? Statista reports that over 40 percent of all email traffic in 2018 was spam. As if spam isn’t annoying enough on its own, consider this: Spam is the number one method of spreading vicious malware that can devastate your company.

Spam filtering services use sophisticated programs that review and categorize emails, looking for specific content, including:

Sketchy senders, subject lines, and addresses

Certain nuisance content within the body of the email

Email attempts from known spammers (blacklisted senders)

Falsified headers

If any risky content, subject line, or sender information is detected, a spam filter will block the email and send it to a special spam folder. When utilizing spam filtering, the average user will never come into contact with the spam.

Why Does Your Company Need

Iconic IT Spam Filtering?

Every email client claims to provide spam filtering. However, these spam filters aren’t entirely effective. They generally look for:

The reputation of the sender
Source of the email
Content of the email
Large, unfocused volumes of emails
The engagement level of the receiver to the sender/subscriber

This type of spam filtering may be ok for the average user, but businesses need more advanced filters. Free, email client-based spam filtering is usually not customizable. This means that some emails that your employees need may be flagged as spam due to missing subject lines or some type of inadvertently flagged content.

Additionally, these spam filters do not universally apply to outgoing spam filters. Your business emails can be considered spam if your network is infiltrated by hackers and sending bulk nuisance messages and viruses that appear to be coming from your company.

Iconic IT will help you choose the level of your spam filtering service’s “aggressiveness” by assessing your business’s individual needs. Some levels of protection may only block very obvious spam while others will quarantine messages and content for review prior to opening.

You may also need different levels of spam filtering within your company itself, with some employees having a stricter filter in place than others. Iconic IT’s highly trained professionals will help you identify risks, assess your spam filtering needs, and implement spam algorithms that work for you.


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“Outstanding response time to resolve an early Monday morning issue! Thank you!”

—Lori Begnoche, Partners In Family Care

“Rapid response and friendly service!”

—Gary Torres, Equishare Credit Union

“Outstanding response time to resolve an early Monday morning issue! Thank you!”

—Lori Begnoche, Partners In Family Care

“Rapid response and friendly service!”

—Gary Torres, Equishare Credit Union

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Iconic IT Can Help Your Business

Spam is an ongoing threat to every business. Not only do you need to worry about emails coming into your network, but you should also be aware of emails that are being sent. Your network and reputation rely on your ability to identify and block spam before it ever hits your inbox.

Find out how Iconic IT can help you fight spam. Request your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our professional team members and see how Iconic IT can help your business implement spam filtering services that work for you, your employees, and your network. As long as you use email, you need spam filtering. Let our services work for you.