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Why Your Small to Medium- Sized Business Needs IT Strategy Consulting

You wouldn’t build a house without a set of plans, so why would you create an IT plan without an IT strategy consultation? IT strategy consultants have a place in any industry, delivering fresh perspective and analysis to businesses’ IT strategies. They deliver an objective view on all aspects of the business’ IT issues, from reliability to security, and will help them make the best decisions based on the facts and results of their analysis. All business will benefit from IT strategy consulting whether they are the new kids in town or have been an established business for years.

Strategy consulting gives businesses the roadmap they need to move forward with expansion and growth.  IT strategy consulting is a specific niche within the strategy consulting umbrella that will align your IT solutions with your organization’s goals, budget, and needs.

It’s hard for business leaders to see through all the smoke and mirrors offered by many “IT strategy consulting” firms. Iconic IT takes the guesswork out of choosing an IT strategist by offering some insight into the world of IT consulting.

What Makes a Great IT Strategy Consulting Partner?

The best IT strategists will give your business the tools and direction it needs to keep its competitive edge. This includes assessments, such as infrastructure and security, as well as recommendations, such as upgrades and changes in strategy.

How do you choose an IT strategy consulting partner?

An Effective IT Strategy Consulting Partner is Unbiased

Bias has no place in IT strategizing. The advice you receive should be clear, easy to implement, and not involve decisions you feel are not in the best interest of your business. This is not the time for your strategist to push unnecessary tools or unwanted solutions. The strategy consultation should involve an impartial third party who’s only motivation is delivering the most appropriate tools and solutions for your business.

IT Strategy Consulting Red Flag: If an IT strategist is pushing you to purchase tools without explaining how they will benefit your business, or if they are using scare tactics, be wary.

IT Strategy is Not Generic

A successful IT strategy session involves a complete overview of your IT picture. This includes your specific IT needs such as regulatory requirements, connectivity issues, and cyber protections. No two businesses are alike, and your IT strategy consulting partner should look at the big picture before making recommendations.

IT Strategy Consulting Red Flag: Take notice if your strategist seems to be offering generic, one-size-fits-all solutions without understanding your current IT picture.

IT Strategy Consulting Partnerships Look Forward

No business is static. Your business will continue to grow, and your IT needs will be changing to match that growth. Scalable solutions and recommendations should be a part of your IT strategy consulting sessions, with an eye to your own future goals. Your strategies need to align with your business, both now and in the future.

IT Strategy Consulting Red Flag: If your IT strategist seems fixated on the present, it’s time to look for a new partner.

A Great IT Strategist Offers Flexibility

An IT strategist has access to your IT budget, the size of your business, your goals, and all aspects of your organization. A good IT strategist will see what your business can comfortably afford to stay within budget, and what your organization needs to stay secure and efficient. Flexibility is a must for an unbiased consultation. After all, rigid rules are only good for yardsticks, not your business.

IT Strategy Consulting Red Flag: If your strategist is unable to match solutions with your business’ reality, it’s time to move on.

Strategy Consulting Experience Counts

There’s a first time for everything…unless it’s your business’ IT strategies. This is one time where experience is a must. You need a seasoned strategist who understands IT trends and how they will affect your business.

IT Strategy Consulting Red Flag:  Beware the IT strategist consulting firm that doesn’t have any reviews or testimonials. Do your research before entrusting your IT solutions and recommendations to any firm that is not established or that has no reviews listed anywhere on the internet.

The Benefits of IT Strategy Consulting

Imagine you are dropped into a wilderness with no map, no supplies, and no idea how to proceed to safety. You could just pick a direction and start walking, hoping no hungry bears or steep cliffs are waiting around that corner. Now imagine that same scenario with a map and a guide by your side. Suddenly, navigating to safety is far easier and a lot less dangerous. That guide knows where the bears are and will never let you tumble into a ravine.

IT strategy consulting is your map through a wilderness, and your strategist is your guide. After a strategy consultation, you will have a clear understanding of where you are, and where you need to go. You will also be provided a list of tools and supplies you need to survive, along with a clear set of directions on using them properly.

An IT strategy consultation has many benefits, including:

IT strategy consulting is the first step in creating an IT plan that is sustainable, scalable, affordable, and customized to your organization’s needs.

Iconic IT’s Approach to IT Strategy Consulting

Iconic IT believes in a holistic approach to strategy consulting. We have developed five crucial steps for effective IT consultations.

  1. Explore your company’s vision: Gain an understanding of your organization’s current IT structure as well as your future goals
  2. Evaluate your organization’s assets: Look for ways to integrate existing assets into a new IT plan
  3. Explain your options: Find the plan that best suits your organization’s needs
  4. Build your IT strategy: This is your IT roadmap, with a clear vision for your business’ IT solutions and strategies
  5. Put it all together: Launching the strategies and monitoring the results

Iconic IT believes in transparency, open communication, friendly partnerships, and full participation in every step of planning.

Iconic IT invites you to see how our IT strategy consulting is different. Sign up for a free consultation and a complimentary dark web scan, no risk or obligation, and let’s get started today.




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Why Your Small to Medium- Sized Business Needs IT Strategy Consulting

You wouldn’t build a house without a set of plans, so why would you create an IT plan without an IT strategy consultation? IT strategy consultants have a place in any industry, delivering fresh perspective and analysis to businesses’ IT strategies.
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