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Where in the World is Matt Lee?

Matt Lee, Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT

Iconic IT’s Director of Technology, Matt Lee, talks about the power of Knowledge, IT Security, and meeting a legend!

Welcome back, friends! I am so humbled by all the people who continue to read this post and reach out to me on LinkedIn. You rock!

April was such an awesome month. The world in general feels like it is returning to normal. Live, in-person events are being scheduled, flights are being booked. I feel that 2021 will be a year of healing and getting down to the root of protecting our hard-earned businesses from cyber threat actors! 

That root is Education! 

We cannot expect business owners and employees to stand together and fight these attacks without Knowledge. Our job and role as IT Security professionals is one of an educator. As we discussed last month, RISK is the name of the game. The actual quantification of loss such as a Business Email Compromise, combined with the steps to mitigate it (like 2FA), transfer it (Cyber Insurance) and the final residual numerical risk. There is NO way for an IT person to calculate the risk to a business without gaining the information about impact to a business and having discussions around same. 

That said, it is also historically outside of expectations for a business owner who has hired an MSP to feel like they need to be a part of the discussion making the issue a bit harder. Often, they will say things like “that’s why we hired you” or “that’s for the smart people to deal with”. If we take the time to educate, collaborate, and uplift the capabilities of our partner clients.

I am extremely grateful that Iconic IT allows me to spend much of my time in pedagogical pursuits to rise the tide of other MSPs and our Vendor Partners understanding of the changing landscape of cybersecurity, risk, and data protection. Here are a few of the different places we spent time educating this month:

  1. MSP Community Chat – A weekly hangout with honest discussions and lively debates of Channel Strong members! 
  2. Watchguard Channel Co – Helping give perspective from the MSP of what is next!
  3. SME Events – Unlocking the Digital Factory
  4. Matt Lee; and the Pax8 Security Legends – Speaking to Internal teams at Pax8 about the world of Security
  5. Pax8 Collabor8 Security Foundations – Taught MSPs about the fundamentals of Identity and Access Management
  6. Watchguard US Sales Q2 Panel – Spoke with the US Sales team at Watchguard about our world and our needs!
  7. GreenCloud “Hacking the MSP” – A fantastic discussion about what it takes to deliver a standard of care as a MSP
  8. Addigy – “Apple IT Management: A moneymaker MSPs Are Ignoring” – Seriously, Macs need security and management too!
  9. CW Secure Capture The Flag – *Interrupted* I only got 30 minutes but secured some points anyway!
  10. Planned something AWESOME with Datto for May…   

Two other notable things this month:

I met a legend and a true educator through software, H.D. Moore. His Metasploit software has enabled the learning of almost every single cybersecurity professional in existence. Even better it was not one of those situations where you should not have met a hero. He speaks faster than I do! His new company Rumble is doing some epic things around network discovery!

Our new Iconic Hacking Club (IHAX) attacked an exchange server in our April meeting. We spun up an exchange environment and attacked it! We learned to use CURL for a manual attack so we could analyze each component in the vuln chain that allowed the massive Exchange Breaches we saw last month. This really goes a long way into helping cut through the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt so that our technicians can simply be prescriptive with our clients. Our doctors believe in the effects of high blood pressure, not because they were told how bad it is, rather because they have seen the death of a patient in relation. If our technicians see how simple this is for our adversaries, they will stand firmly on the prescription of collaboration and education our client partners need to survive, and thrive to achieve their own life goals! Plus it is fun to attack an exchange server. 😊

See you next month!



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