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Where in the World is Matt Lee?

Matt Lee, Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT

Iconic IT’s Director of Technology, Matt Lee, talks the future of cybersecurity, his 40th birthday, and beer.

Welcome back friends! 

When I say welcome back, I do mean welcome back—back to the office, back to conferences, and back to seeing so many of you, face to face. After a year of doing Zoom conferences in my basement/soundbooth/office, I think I can say the same thing a lot of you are saying: Normal is looking pretty darn good, right now. 

Of course, in my case, normal looked a lot like non-stop travel, taking twice daily COVID tests and celebrating my 40th birthday sequestered with 20 production crew and personalities in a conference room. But hey, I’m not quibbling. There was beer. 

And, as usual, there were plenty of learning opportunities, too, especially if you were paying attention to the cybersecurity headlines, notably the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack, and the coordinated attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier. Both companies paid dearly in ransoms, supply chain interruptions, and erosion of public trust. They’re not alone. In fact, Cybercrime Magazine recently reported that ransomware attacks have increased 57 times over incursion rates in 2015, and they project this kind of security breach will cost global businesses $265 billion in the next decade.  

It’s no surprise then that President Biden issued an executive order on Cybersecurity from his desk this week, taking aim at Russia, and promising a “9/11 style response” to shore up America’s defenses against malicious online attacks.  

Folks, this is a game changer—an industry-wide call to action. As individual company attacks have morphed into a national security issue, it demands that we think differently about cybersecurity. It’s not enough that we just plug in a few security tools and call it done. It requires us to think deeply about security strategy, how all the tools work together, and how zero-trust security networks become our new religion. Tight networks will become no longer a nice to have, but the must have for every organization, if they want to fully participate in the online world. 

Expect to hear more from me on all this in the future as more news unfolds. Meanwhile, check out the great information I shared at Datto’s MSP Marketing & Sales Day.

See you next month!



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