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Iconic IT

What People Are Saying

“The path chosen by the founding companies now comprising the new Iconic IT shows there is a third and equally valid alternative to growth through acquisition besides private equity and big-buying-small: the merger of equals. The founders’ experience together as members of the same peer group helped them strengthen their future, joint business plan, mission and culture. In our work with the group of owners during their pre-merger phases, we found them to be thoughtful, decisive, crisp in action, fair-minded and accountable – qualities which bode well for any executive team. Iconic IT now arrives on the SMB MSP landscape as one of the bigger players in both size of team and of geographic coverage. They launch with solid momentum towards their ultimate goal of catching the top two players in the space, All Covered and mindSHIFT. The predecessor companies of Iconic IT benchmarked with the Service Leadership Index® and we are pleased that they continue to rely on us for unparalleled insight into their performance as compared to the best-in-class in their business model.”

– Paul Dippell, Service Leadership, Inc.

We are in a unique time in the IT industry that offers the opportunity to take advantage of synergies we’ve never seen before. Only a few have been willing to paint a vision and pursue it. Congratulations on being a trail blazer as you come together and create value that will be good for your customers, teams and your future! I haven’t really seen anything quite like what you are doing.  I don’t know your exact structure, but usually there is outside money involved in doing roll ups or one clear acquirer.  So a bit uncharted territory but certainly has huge upside potential when you do it well! Be Blessed!”

– Arlin Sorensen, Connectwise VP Peer Groups / Partner / Founder